Hour of Code

Whether your students are beginners or expert coders, there are 50+ fun ways to complete an Hour of Code with Tynker.



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Add all your students to a class. Students will be able to access the Hour of Code activities from their dashboard.

Tynker teachers – No prep needed

If you already have a Tynker account, you're all set! The Hour of Code activities will automatically show up in your students' dashboards during the event. Encourage your students to log in to their accounts during the Hour of Code week to participate, and spread the word to your fellow teachers!

What Students Do

  • Solve game-based coding puzzles to learn the basics
  • Follow step-by-step tutorials to create drawing, music, animation, storytelling, physics, and arcade game projects
  • Save and publish their creations
  • Download the free Tynker App to create and run projects on tablets

What Students Learn

  • Use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to complete puzzles
  • Learn programming concepts such as sequencing, repetition, and conditional logic
  • Apply programming concepts to create games, stories, and art
  • Build projects they're proud to share with family and friends
  • Learn that programming is neither difficult nor boring – it's a powerful tool they can use to bring their imagination to life!

Tips for Coding Success

  • Pick a sequence of activities based on interests, grade level, and experience
  • Create a portfolio of games, art, music, comics, greetings, and more
  • Explore other students' creation and discover what they can do
  • Don't stop! Continue solving puzzles and building apps from home

Fun Ideas for an Exciting Event

  • Plan a Family Hour of Code Showcase! Invite parents, community leaders, and school administrators to see your students' great work.
  • Post printouts of kids’ custom characters on a bulletin board
  • Have a classroom challenge! Showcase your students' best creations.
  • For experienced students – pick a theme and ask students to create lessons for each other using Tutorial Designer.

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