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Tynker Coaching

How To Teach Coding Remotely with Tynker (60 minutes)

With recent global health concerns due to the coronavirus, many schools are making plans for remote learning arrangements. Tynker is committed to supporting educators who need a distance learning solution.

Join us for a FREE webinar to learn how you can effectively use Tynker as a distance learning solution to teach Computer Science. You will learn to create a virtual classroom, add student accounts, and integrate coding into STEM subjects. In this webinar, teachers will:

  • Setup and navigate the Tynker platform
  • Discover coding and STEM content for all grades
  • Learn strategies to support an online learning format

Audience:  Educators and Education Leaders Planning for School Closures

Offered:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Level:  Beginner

Set up and Manage Teachers and Students with the Tynker Administrator Dashboards (20 mins)

Are you a district or school administrator responsible for getting teachers and students started with Tynker? If so, join us for a FREE webinar to help you navigate the district and school administrator dashboards and get everyone connected. In this webinar, you will:

  • Experience features that simplify rostering teachers and students in Tynker
  • Discover how to get easily teachers and students started with different login types
  • Track teacher progress and student mastery through robust analytics

Audience:  District Administrators, School Administrators

Level:  Beginner

Coaching: Office Hours (10 mins)

Have questions about using Tynker? Need help with a problem or just to clarify something? Block a 10 minute one on one session with our Educator Support team for personalized help.

  • Find out about enhancing student engagement with coding
  • Discuss programming concepts that need clarification
  • Ask any questions you have about Tynker

Audience:  Educators

Offered:  Tuesdays

Level:  Beginner

Introduction to Tynker Blocks Webinar Series

You can now register for a series of 3 webinars that are ideal for educators with a limited background in coding, but who see the importance of their students learning this future ready skill. In this series, educators get everything they need to unlock the creative potential of Tynker Blocks.

Webinar 1: Welcome to Tynker

  • Understand how Tynker brings coding and creativity to classrooms
  • Understand how to personalize student content and simplify CS teaching for educators
  • Understand Tynker lesson progression and the scope of content for learners K-12

Webinar 2: Getting Started with Tynker

  • Navigate and get started in the Tynker platform
  • Assign personalized coding lessons for every student
  • Use customized coding activities for any subject with Tynker STEM lessons

Webinar 3: Introduction to Tynker Block

  • Understand basic coding terminology and functions such as sequencing, syntax, events, motion, and pen
  • Build your Tynker Block Backpack
  • Develop a Tynker Block coding toolkit

Audience:  Educators

Offered:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (every other week)

Level:  Beginner