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Webinar: Welcome to Tynker

This introductory Tynker webinar is ideal for schools who are ready to go beyond an "hour of code" and start offering Computer Science to their students on a consistent basis. In this webinar, we’ll show you how easy it is to teach coding with Tynker – you’ll see live examples of student projects, STEM and core curriculum integration, the automatic grading tool, and the value a coding solution adds to your school community.

Only for: Schools who want to see what Tynker Premium Curriculum offers.

Offered: Twice weekly, Mondays and Thursdays.

Level: Beginner

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Premium "Getting Started" Training

This premium training session will get your school ready for maximum use and give you helpful tips for finding great teaching opportunities with your students. We'll help you navigate the lesson pages, add classes and students, use the grade book, and point you where to go when you need help.

Only for: Schools who purchased Tynker, and have multiple teachers to train.

Offered: Every other Thursday. 2pm ET/ 11am PT

Level: Beginner

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On-Site Training

Premium On-Site Training is personalized to meet the needs of educators. Every school district has its own story, goals, and needs. With personalized training, we’ll work with your curriculum staff to make sure you’re getting exactly the kind of support you need. Our PD facilitators have years of work in public and private schools, and they have tons of invaluable strategies to share.

Only for: Schools who purchased Tynker, have multiple teachers to train, and want a personalized experience.

Offered: In person, on demand, larger groups, personalized.

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / or Advanced

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Tynker Blue Ribbon Training

The Tynker Blue Ribbon Educator and Blue Ribbon Training Programs were created to help educators make coding a priority. Blue Ribbon Educators receive exclusive training, resources, and access to curricula to help them get on the path to becoming code-teacher masters. Once certified, these educators have the tools to promote coding instruction, connect at conferences, share their knowledge, and become an integral part of the maker and coding community.

Who Can Apply? Educators dedicated to providing coding skills and mastery to their students. Those with a track record of teaching and learning excellence should apply. No previous Tynker experience necessary.

Offered: Applications open twice per year, spring and fall

Level: Beginner progressing to Advanced

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