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Multiplication Escape

The cave is collapsing, but you can only run by solving multiplication questions! Program a fun STEM game where you have to answer math questions to escape.

Activity Details

Your character needs to escape the cave without getting hit by falling boulders. But the only way the character can run forward is by correctly answering math questions! You'll follow step-by-step instructions to program this fun multiplication quiz game.

Teacher Notes

In this STEM project, students will follow step-by-step instructions to make an escape game. If the user answers a multiplication question correctly, the character moves forward and avoids the boulders. If the user answers incorrectly, it’s game over!

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CCSS-ELA: 3.RI.3, 4.RI.3, 3.RI.5, 3.RF.4, 4.RF.4, 3.L.4
CSTA: L1:3.CT.1, L1:6.CT.1, L1:6.CPP.1, L1:6.CPP.5, L1:6.CPP.6

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Grades 3-5
Programming language Blocks, Tynker, Javascript, Python
Experience Advanced
Activity type DIY Project
Length 30 mins
Runs on: Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Internet Explorer (10+) browser
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