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Tynker fuels creativity in thousands of schools and powers the imagination of 60 million kids worldwide.

With 40+ award-winning block & text-based courses and over 3,700 learning modules, there's a learning path for every kid no matter their age or level.

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Our interactive learning allows kids to progress at their own pace and seamlessly transition to text languages like JavaScript and Python.

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I thought a game was going to be extremely hard to make, but Tynker made it really easy.

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There's so much opportunity once they understand how coding works. It's amazing to see them create incredible things themselves.

Charlotte R.
Parent | Melbourne, Australia
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Tynker has made programming fun, exciting, and simple and will help lead kids into their future.

Valerie S.
5th Grade Teacher | California, US
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60 Million kids worldwide 14 Million apps created by kids 4 Billion lines of code written
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American Association of School Librarians: Best Apps for Teaching and Learning 2019
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