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Pattern Maker

Using programming commands, you can create amazing art! Draw flowers, butterflies, fractals, spirals, and your own fun mathematical patterns.

Activity Details

Draw flowers, butterflies, fractals, and spirals or program your own fun mathematical patterns using a library of commands. Save and share with friends.

Teacher Notes

Students experiment with pen commands and learn to draw squares, triangles, Spirograph designs and more.

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CCSS-ELA: 3.RI.3, 4.RI.3, 3.RI.5, 3.RF.4, 4.RF.4, 3.L.4
CSTA: L1:3.CT.1, L1:6.CT.1, L1:6.CPP.1, L1:6.CPP.5, L1:6.CPP.6

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Grades 5-8
Programming language Blocks, Tynker, Javascript, Python
Experience Intermediate
Activity type DIY Project
Length 30 mins
Runs on: Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Internet Explorer (10+) browser
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