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Over 10 million parents and teachers choose Tynker

Over 10 million parents and teachers choose Tynker

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Beginner Puzzles

block coding beginner puzzles

Learn the ABCs of coding as you solve engaging story-based challenges that gradually introduce new concepts.

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Intro to Coding - Ages 7+

block coding beginner point and click

Learn the basics of coding as you explore a haunted mansion. Build 15 fun DIY projects with guided tutorials.

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Unlimited iPad Access

beginner ipad swift

Use our apps Tynker Junior, Tynker and Mod Creator to code, create, and mod on a tablet, while on the go.

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Intro to Coding - Ages 9+

block coding beginner platformer

Cover new concepts while fighting off steam bots, exploring underwater caves, and repairing a flying tower.

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Coding with Barbie™

block coding beginner

Learn to code while you explore six of the coolest careers ever!

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Intro to Coding - Ages 12+

beginner block coding role playing game

Use code to explore secret worlds, solve dungeon puzzles, and program armies to follow your commands.

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Physics and Pen Drawing

pen drawing angles geometry physics

Program the physics engine and learn turtle graphics to produce 9 amazing physics and drawing games.

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Code with Friends

block coding battles

Battle your friends with code! Pit your code against others to see who the true coding champion is!

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Step-by-Step Guides

block coding templates

Create your own games, animations and stories from these starter templates with step-by-step instructions.

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Arcade Game Design

block coding visual coding game design

Learn about variables and cloning as you create a multi-level action game, design boss fights, and program A.I.

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Animation and 2D Motion

game design block coding visual coding

Build 8 fun arcade games to advance your coding skills and learn 2D motion, pen drawing, and animation.

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Celebrate the Seasons

projects game kits

Make amazing games and apps for every occasion. Game kits and projects periodically added throughout the year.

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Projectile Physics

physics motion gravity collisions

Build an Angry Birds-style physics-based game. Learn to program gravity and collisions—and even create a black hole!

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Multi-Level Game Design

block coding visual coding game design

Program a multi-level arcade game with a scoring system, win-loss scenarios, and special effects.

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Physics Platformer

physics variables lists cloning

Use advanced physics engine commands as you program a platformer game with your own hero and enemy A.I.

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Program Connected Toys


Learn to control virtual versions of Sphero, Hue, and drones by solving puzzles in a virtual playground.

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Drone Programming

drones hardware

Connect to a drone to see your code take flight! Program your drone to perform advanced piloting maneuvers.

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Introduction to AR

intermediate ar game design

Learn to add AR into your apps. Use live video and gestures to interact with virtual game elements.

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WeDo Sensor Control

drones hardware

Experience the thrill of programming robots as you control motors and program tilt sensors with LEGO WeDo.

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Intro to micro:bit

block microbit

Learn to code the micro:bit, a tiny programmable computer with built-in sensors, an LED array, and Bluetooth.

Coming Soon
Course Coming Soon

Minecraft Mods & Skins

minecraft minecraft mods java

Make your own skins and experience basic Minecraft modding with Tynker.

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Minecraft Mod Creation

minecraft minecraft mods java edition

Learn to mod Minecraft with Tynker! Build 25 cool mods to host on your own private server.

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Minecraft Games

minecraft games minecraft java edition

Learn to create 3 classic games in Minecraft - Capture the Flag, Slimeball Soccer, and Tower Defense.

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Minecraft Add-Ons

minecraft add ons skins pocket edition

Learn to create Minecraft Add-Ons with code! Bring 20 fun creatures like thunderbirds and mermaids to life.

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Mod Creation - Win10

minecraft minecraft mods win10 pocket edition

Use logic, loops, variables, and funtions to bring complex Minecraft structures to life! Learn to build 24 cool mods.

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Advanced Modding

minecraft minecraft mods java edition

Progress to more advanced mods. Create exploding snowballs, a tree house, a fireworks show, and many more mods!

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Game Development - Java

minecraft minecraft games java edition

Advance to creating more multiplayer games like Spleef, Paintball, Save the Pig, and more in Minecraft.

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Intro to Web Development

html css text coding web

Learn HTML and CSS and build responsive web pages and web sites.

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Code the Web

html javascript python

Learn to code apps and games using Python and JavaScript templates. Code using our HTML and CSS starter projects.

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Intro to JavaScript

javascript text coding canvas

Code fun browser-based apps using JavaScript and the HTML canvas. Build 11 mini-games like Snake and Pong!

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Intro to Python

python text based game design

Get introduced to Python as you solve coding puzzles, learn to code games, and complete programming activities.

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Real-World Python

python data structures algorithms

Learn to apply Python to the real world! Use advanced concepts such as lists, dictionaries, classes, and recursion.

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micro:bit Programming

python microbit

Program micro:bit using MicroPython to create pedometers, wearable bracelets, and 2-way communication radios.

Coming Soon
Course Coming Soon

Develop critical 21st century skills

Learning to code helps kids build critical skills such as math, writing, creativity, and confidence. With Tynker, kids can also develop qualities like perseverance and organization while exploring thousands of fun coding activities tailored to their interests.

Empower kids to become Makers

With Tynker’s revolutionary approach, kids learn to code using visual code blocks that are fun, easy, and empowers them to create anything they can imagine. Kids have made and shared over 20 million projects across the globe creating a safe and collaborative Tynker Community.

Maker kids

Establish a pathway to coding confidence!

We have over 2,000 award-winning learning modules for different ages, skill levels, and interests. Each course comes with a built-in tutor that fosters self-paced and hands-on learning. This approach motivates kids to grow their skills and seamlessly transition to more advanced programming like Javascript and Python.

Track your child’s progress

Create a parent account to access your own personal dashboard.

We offer automatic assessments through our built-in quizzes and share out regular progress reports. In addition, parents can use their personal dashboards to learn more about how their kids are learning and growing with Tynker: specific skills acquired, awards and certificates earned, coding activities and/or courses completed.

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The Tynker Approach™

Kids learn on their own with a built-in tutor and hands on approach that individualizes the learning experience.

Guided learning

Kids learn on their own with a guided, hands-on approach that individualizes the learning experience.

Built-in tutor

Tutorials give step-by-step instructions that teach how to apply coding concepts so kids can complete projects without frustration.

Free play mode

After completing a tutorial, kids can experiment with what they’ve built to help them apply the concepts they’ve learned.

Step-by-step success

Lessons are designed to motivate kids to keep advancing their skills by leading them down a path to earning cool new badges.

Interactive explanations

Cool characters introduce code blocks and how to use them.

How-to videos

Short clips demonstrate common actions such as deleting Actors or changing the background.


Preview the games you build in each lesson and play bonus games along the way.

Limitless creativity

Kids can quickly build whatever they imagine with our suite of intuitive creativity tools.

Independent game building

Kids receive a prompt and create games and projects based on the step-by-step instructions provided.

DIY Projects

Kids apply what they’ve learned and build their own unique games.

Easy to use

Drag-and-drop interface makes building games really easy. With over 200 visual blocks that snap into programs, kids can build even the most complex games with ease.

Physics Engine

Build physics games with ease

Create your own versions of games like Angry Birds™ or Tiny Wings™ with ease. Use simple visual blocks to simulate gravity, force, impulse, angular velocity, collisions, and more complex motion and interactions using physics.

Rich Media Gallery

Select media from over 1000+ assets

Choose from thousands of backgrounds, props, characters, and animations that you need for your programs. You can also find sound effects and background music ready to use for your games.

Art Studio

Draw your own custom scalable graphics

Create smooth and scalable graphics in the Art Studio. There are multiple tools for drawing lines, rectangles, and ellipses as well as an extensive library of shapes. Apply gradients, scale and rotate elements, and create fun effects with text fonts. Use advanced path tools to create precision drawings.

Interactive and skill-building features

Coding puzzles

Kids learn and apply coding skills with fun adventures.

Debugging puzzles

To solve these puzzles, kids are presented with a buggy code snippet to fix.

Fun Challenges

Short quizzes at the end of each lesson ensure an understanding of concepts and automatically assess student mastery. Results appear on the dashboard.

Character Builder

Kids personalize their projects with professional-quality, fluidly-animated characters that bring their projects to life. A variety of stunningly realistic preset animations can be applied to an array of all-new characters to inspire imaginative scenes and stories. Make them walk, talk, run, attack, defend, jump, and dance. Mix and match heads, torsos, arms, legs, weapons, outfits, and attachments — the possibilities are endless.

Level Editor

Use the Level Editor to rapidly design multi-level games using themed tile-sets such as clouds, space, jungle, or castle. Drag pre-defined Actors and props to quickly design and play your levels. The “Platformer” category of code blocks can be used to customize the players and levels.

I like to code because I can program my own things, and I can create the games that I want! It’s really hard to do it in other programs, but in Tynker I can do it! It’s easy!

Manila, Philippines

He’s having fun and learning at the same time. You can’t ask for much more than that!

Jacksonville, AL

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