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Tynker is the best learning platform for introducing kids and teens to the joy of coding. We guarantee to make coding fun with our hybrid online approach with expert guidance from live coaches to ensure success. Give your child an edge in school and beyond.


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More kids learn to code on Tynker than anywhere else.

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World’s largest library of fun

Tynker offers the world’s largest library of fun, self-paced coding tutorials – pair with expert guidance from over 20,000 teachers.

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Personalized coaching

Tynker grows with young coders, guiding them from novice to advanced coding, data science, AI, augmented reality and beyond.

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Easy and approachable

Kids as young as 7 can start coding with our unique story-based and visual block coding modules, to easily create games, apps, art, music, animations and more.

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Meeting kids where their interests lie

Kids are natural born creators, so we give them thousands of hours of projects in game design, Minecraft, Python, web design – even AI.

We empower students of all ages to become creators, while developing critical thinking and coding skills to help them be successful today and tomorrow.

Tynker's Award-Winning Coding Program

The Tynker coding curriculum is presented in a carefully designed program of 300
lessons in six levels to take your child from a novice to an expert coder.

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Build a Strong Coding Foundation


Programming Basics

40 lessons, 179 activities30 minutes per lesson

Coding puzzles and creative sandboxes to learn coding fundamentals in a fun and intuitive way.

Skills They'll Learn

  • Ordering tasks
  • Sequencing
  • Flexible sequencing
  • Building a program
  • Critical thinking
  • Computational thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Debugging
  • Repeating with loops
  • Using conditional logic
  • Composition

Create with Code

49 lessons, 287 activities

Coding Proficiency

50 lessons, 299 activities

Modding Minecraft, Game Design & more!

27 elective courses, 1,631 activities

Advance to Real-World Coding


Python I

49 lessons, 199 activities

Python II

53 lessons, 185 activities

Python III

58 lessons, 199 activities

Advanced Computer Science Paths

7 elective courses, 1,635 activities

Certificates for all Ages and Levels


Certifications and Outcomes


Students will:

  • Build a solid portfolio of 100+ original projects
  • Develop the understanding to solve a wide variety of real-world problems using programming
  • Earn certificates for each level completed, as well as specializations in App Development, Game Design, Web Apps, Python Programming, and Data Mining
Certified Tynker Developer
Certified Python Developer

Choose a Plan to Accelerate Your Learning

Choose a Coding Plan


Access everything Tynker offers, plus expert coaching ($120 value!)

The Tynker Approach™

Individualized learning with built-in tutorials and hands-on projects. Progress to Python coding & other languages like JavaScript.

We make coding fun for kids

Engaging scenario-driven activities make learning to code a blast!

  • Award-winning curriculum
  • Interactive, game-like lessons
  • Independent project-building
  • Coding apps
  • Something for everyone

World class creative tools, built for creative minds

Easy-to-use tools let kids create anything they can imagine with code from Minecraft modding to creative coding art, music and more!.

Code Editors

Paint Editor

Animation Tool

Physics Engines

Game Builders

Character Creators

3d modeling Minecraft


Turtle Pen Tools

3 Highly-Rated Mobile Apps for Learning Code

Tynker Junior

Tap-Tap picture coding with voice-overs. Pre-readers solve story-based puzzles and build their first programs in coding sandboxes. Ages 5-7

4.52,200+ reviews


Drag-and-drop block coding with a full-featured workshop. Build games and apps, compose music and art, control smart devices, and much, much more. Ages 7-12

4.710,400+ reviews

Mod Creators

Drag-and-drop Minecraft modding. Design skins, blocks and items. Modify mob behaviors. Create mods and add ons. Explore virtual worlds! Ages 7-12

4.03,000+ reviews

We build a solid computer science foundation for the real world

From block coding to Python coding, we teach the big ideas of CS like abstraction and computing systems.

  • Learn real languages like JavaScript
  • Program IOT hardware using MicroPython
  • Code Data Science with Python
  • Explore Art and Image Processing
  • Prep for AP CS with Java
  • Earn CS mastery certifications

Connect and share your creations in a safe, moderated community

Over 60 million kids and teens coding and creating.
Learn from fellow makers worldwide.

  • Safe and moderated activity
  • Weekly featured makers
  • Educational how-tos
  • Remix from millions of projects
  • Global competitions

Kids, Parents, and Teachers love Tynker

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60 Million+ Users

Millions of learners have started programming using our free Hour of Code puzzles and games and then advanced to Python coding and web dev.

100,000+ Schools

Tynker is trusted by over 100,000 schools and districts all over the world to teach Computer Science in elementary, middle and high schools.

75 Million+ Projects

Kids have used Tynker coding and creativity tools to publish millions of apps, games, Minecraft skins and resources in our safe moderated community.

Trusted by Leading Brands

AppleApple selects Tynker for their Everyone Can Code program and uses Tynker to teach coding at Apple Store.
Google for EducationTynker is a Premium Partner with Google Education providing CS curriculum to schools and districts worldwide.
MicrosoftMicrosoft selects Tynker as coding solution for Minecraft: Education Edition.
NASANASA & Tynker signed a Space Act Agreement to develop space-themed coding projects.
PBSWGBH Boston and Tynker partner to provide coding lessons with PEEP and the Big Wide World.
BBC Education LearningBBC Learning partners with Tynker to transform education and learning outcomes in students.
SMARTSMART features Tynker on its SMART Board Interactive Displays globally.
LEGOTynker launches WeDo Coding - a course for kids to extend LEGO WeDo sensor programming into their games.
Minecraft Education EditionTynker supports modding for all versions of Minecraft as well as Code Builder integration for Minecraft: EE.
MattelMattel and Tynker partner and commit to introduce 10 million kids to coding with Tynker and Mattel brands.
Hot WheelsMattel and Tynker combine iconic brands with CS curriculum to launch coding lessons for young learners.
BarbieMattel and Tynker launch Barbie coding lessons to inspire girls to explore STEM and learn coding skills.

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