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Tynker’s Award-Winning Coding Program

A carefully designed program consisting of 300 learning modules across six certification levels to transform your child from beginner to real-world programmer, plus 30 gamified elective courses to apply their coding knowledge to domains such as Minecraft Modding, Game Design, Creative Coding, Introduction to AI, Data Science and more. All paid plans include access to our highly-rated mobile apps!

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Tynker makes coding fun for everyone

We’ve taught more than 100 million kids how to code by making it fun and appealing to their interests, with an eye towards mastering critical skills. Access everything in our course catalog beyond the six levels of progression to put your child’s coding skills to practical use. The free basic plan is limited to the first three lessons, and does not include assessments and certification.

Code with Friends

Web iPad

Battle your friends with code! Pit your code against others to see who the true coding champion is!

Step-by-Step Guides

Web iPad

Create your own games, animations and stories from these starter templates with step-by-step instructions.

STEM Curriculum

Step-by-step instructions to code science games

NASA Moon 2 Mars

Exciting space-themed coding adventures by Tynker in collaboration with NASA!


UN Sustainable Development Goals: Can Coding Transform Our World?

Code the Web


Learn to code apps and games using Python and JavaScript templates. Code using our HTML and CSS starter projects.

Celebrate the Seasons

Make amazing games and apps for every occasion. Game kits and projects periodically added throughout the year.

Code the Web


Learn to code apps and games using Python and JavaScript templates. Code using our HTML and CSS starter projects.

Learning Outcomes


Critical Thinking



Data Analysis




Coding Apps

Take your coding and creativity to new places with these apps. Available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Tynker Junior app icon
Tynker Junior
Tap-Tap picture coding with voice-overs. Pre-readers solve story-based puzzles and build their first programs in coding sandboxes.
Ages 5-7
4.5 2,200+ reviews
Tynker app icon
Drag-and-drop block coding with a full-featured workshop. Build games and apps, compose music and art, control smart devices, and much, much more.
Ages 6-11
4.7 10,400+ reviews
Tynker Mod Creator app icon
Mod Creator
Drag-and-drop Minecraft modding. Design skins, blocks and items. Modify mob behaviors. Create mods and add ons. Explore virtual worlds!
Ages 6-11
4.0 3,300+ reviews

Empowering Creativity Tools

Easy-to-use tools let kids create anything they can imagine with code from Minecraft modding to creative coding art, music and more!.

Code Editors

Paint Editor

Animation Tool

Physics Engines

Game Builders

Character Creators

3d modeling Minecraft


Turtle Pen Tools