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Outlast the Onslaught Project

Can you defeat the enemy ninjas? Get as many points as you can!

Activity Details

In this block-coding tutorial, students will create and customize their own platformer game using the Tynker Level Editor and Arcade Maker. The goal of this game is to collect points and beat the ninjas. Friendly drag-and-drop tools make it simple to change the theme or add new powerups and collectibles. What kind of level will your students create? Students can add more coins, more villains, and change the win condition to make the game their own.

Teacher Notes

Students will use their creativity and coding skills to create a fun, playable game in the style of Super Mario. When they're done with this Hour of Code™ tutorial, encourage them to get creative. Students can add new levels, new powerups, or even new moves for their hero.

Teacher Guide


CCSS-ELA: RI.3.7, RF.3.4, RF.3.4.A, SL.3.1, RF.4.4.A, RF.1.4.A, RF.4.4, SL.4.1, RF.5.4.A, RF.5.4, SL.5.1, RI.6.4, RI.6.7, SL.6.1, SL.7.1, SL.8.1
CCSS-Math: MP.1
CSTA: 1B-AP-11, 1B-AP-12, 1B-AP-15, 2-AP-16
CS CA: 3-5.AP.10, 3-5.AP.13, 3-5.AP.14, 3-5.AP.17, 6-8.AP.10, 6-8.AP.16
ISTE: 1.c, 1.d, 4.d, 5.c, 5.d, 6.b

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Grades 3-8
Programming language Tynker Blocks
Experience Beginner
Activity type DIY Project
Length 50 mins
Runs on: Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser

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