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Lost in Space

Can you help Biff the spaceman get home? You'll use coding to program him to avoid aliens and collect power cells, all while navigating through space.

Activity Details

Biff was on a routine mission to the Titan Base when his spaceship was hit! Luckily, he was able to crash-land on a nearby planet. Biff needs your help to collect his scattered belongings, find the emergency launchpad, and get back to the moon.

Teacher Notes

Students solve a series of coding puzzles and learn basic programming concepts such as loops, conditional logic, and sequencing.

Teacher Guide | Answer Key


CCSS-ELA: 3.RI.3, 4.RI.3, 3.RI.5, 3.RF.4, 4.RF.4, 3.L.4
CSTA: L1:3.CT.1, L1:6.CT.1, L1:6.CPP.1, L1:6.CPP.5, L1:6.CPP.6

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Grades 5-8
Programming language Blocks, Tynker, Javascript, Python
Experience Intermediate
Activity type Self-led Tutorial
Length 40 mins
Runs on: Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Internet Explorer (10+) browser
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