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BYJU'S Coding Cup puzzle

Program your virtual soccer team and enter competitions. Shoot, pass, tackle, and score as your team climbs the leaderboard.

Activity Details

It’s goal time! Take control of a soccer team — using Tynker's block code — and play BYJU'S Coding Cup, a soccer-themed game and programming competition.

Shoot, pass, tackle, and score as your team climbs the leaderboard. Earn personalized coding certificates and a chance to win fabulous soccer-themed prizes. Solve puzzles to learn the basics, then compete against coders worldwide. While playing, students explore conditional logic and other programming concepts to write smarter players — and win!

Free Activity Resources

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Training Webinar: Learn how to use Coding Cup in the classroom. Register Here

Kahoot! Quizzes: Warm up with quick quizzes on soccer and coding. Play Now

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Teacher Notes

Hour of Code™ students learn to use basic programming concepts such as sequencing, conditional logic, and more while playing this soccer-themed game. Students will apply their own strategies to compete with other players locally or worldwide.

Teacher Guide | Answer Key (English)


CSTA: 1B-AP-11, 1B-AP-12, 1B-AP-14, 2-AP-13, 2-AP-16, 2-AP-17, 3A-AP-17, 3A-AP-19, 3B-AP-11
CS CA: 3-5.AP.10, 3-5.AP.13, 3-5.AP.14, 3-5.AP.17, 6-8.AP.13, 6-8.AP.16, 6-8.AP.17, 9-12.AP.12, 9-12.AP.16
ISTE: 1.1.c, 1.4.d, 1.5.c, 1.6.b

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Grades 3-12
Programming language Tynker Blocks
Experience Beginner
Activity type Self-led Tutorial
Length 60 mins
Languages English
Runs on: Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser

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