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Youtube Simulator 1

by Awake Oven



Youtube Simulator 1, a project made by Awake Oven using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, App, Simulator, Cool / Wow, Social, Stick Figure


simple variables, basic math, variables, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, delays, simple loops, advanced math, simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • Youtube Simulator 1
  • update full version: the shop works, but only one product...
  • your stats are important. your ⚡️ is your energy stat.if you have no more you will have to go to sleep by pressing z on the hotbar. hunger is your stomach looking icon. if it goes to zero, you starve to death even if you are sleeping.tap the eat button to eat on the hotbar. money is what you use to sleep and pay for food. it’s the money icon.the buttons represent what you can do. 1st is the video button. 2nd is the stats button. 3rd is the sleep button. 4th is the eat button. 5th is merchandise button. one more thing, if your hunger bar is at 0 don’t keep playing... start again! do not cheat... find out what is good and bad to do in this project without looking at the code.
  • five nights at freddy’s 4
  • glitch protection
  • look at dabbing squidward
  • your computer files:
  • drawing copy copy
  • dead from hunger
  • not enough energy for products
  • wanna sleep? (better not sleep if you have enough energy ⚡️ to make a video.) you have to pay rent at the end of each day.
  • you can’t pay rent.
  • then go make videos!
  • not enough money
  • merchandise is crucial in this game during bad times. (you must have enough money and energy to buy it first.)
  • you don’t have enough of either money or energy.
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy copy
  • do you want to eat?(costs $9 + the day it is) i forgot, sleeping and selling merchandise lowers your hunger meter.
  • do you want to play super mario 64?
  • glitch protection 1
  • trying to cheat?
  • drawing copy 1 copy
  • not enough money!
  • already bought...

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