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Stick Quest World 3 1

by Respectful Duck



Stick Quest World 3 1, a project made by Respectful Duck using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Battle, Boss Fight, Art, Stick Figure


delays, visibility, simple messaging, cloning, advanced motion, detect conditions, simple events, advanced costume handling, simple loops, input/output, advanced animation, resize actor, simple motion, layers, simple conditionals, advanced events, basic math, conditional loops, miscellaneous, advanced math, program control, direction and turning, simple variables, variables, graphic effects, text handling, conditional wait, simple costume handling

  • #Lines:2514
  • #Actors:121
  • #Costumes:188
  • #Scripts:366

Text Snippets

  • Stick Quest World 3 1
  • morgan’s magic show
  • a death of darkness
  • morgan’s magic show ex
  • morgan’s magic show cleared
  • the showdown starts
  • boss: conjurer of doom, morgan
  • hey! just some advice, but you need to hit morgan when she’s blue! got it?
  • well, it looks like we failed.
  • it looks like we failed.
  • we’re still here, and if you beat a giant panda, a scientist named sammy, and an evil witch, you can beat a demon and his superweapon!
  • onward to the next level!!!!!!!!!!
  • we won’t give up!
  • we won...we did it!!!
  • now we can fix everything! we’ll have a party! we’ll
  • morgan’s back! :d
  • oh come on! can’t we have a happy ending!?
  • the ultimate battle
  • please?
  • uh are you going to defeat him?
  • something like the power of friendship will defeat him...
  • but you don’t have any friends except for me because we’re the only two good guys in the story.
  • whoever created this must have been too lazy to make more protagonists.
  • did you see that? conveniently, that star hit set. maybe more stars will fall! for now, keep trying!
  • the fight really starts
  • congratulations!
  • we...we...won...
  • well, technically you did it, because i just gave advice while you did the work...but anyway...
  • what happened next
  • that day was the beginning of a new age of peace and prosperity for the land in the game called stick quest.
  • destroying the darkness
  • armed with the crystals, the hero repelled the darkness, bringing the land once again into happiness.
  • with set defeated, morgan was put on trial.
  • everyone knew she was guilty, but her lawyer was really good.
  • court morgan convicted
  • however, even though she didn’t get in trouble for trying to destroy the universe, she did get in trouble for not paying her taxes.
  • have fun in jail morgan! :d
  • thank you for all the support. i’m glad you could enjoy the adventure known as stick quest.
  • thanks for playing
  • it’s over, right?
  • well, it looks like you did it.
  • you saved the world!
  • now let’s celebrate-
  • the place where the world ended
  • a chemistry lesson
  • i know this will probably be boring, but it’s time for a chemistry lesson!
  • the red potions will hurt you, but if you hit the blue potions they’ll zoom towards morgan’s face! got it?
  • the final battle
  • boss: harbringer of destruction, set
  • final boss: the ultimate enemy, omega set
  • hi! have you played all the other stick quest games?
  • if not, please do not proceed until doing so.
  • since you’re still here, you have. are you ready to get the last grand crystal?
  • too bad! we’re doing this no matter what!
  • now let’s beat morgan and save the world!
  • let’s finish this!
  • morgan boss fight
  • Morgan Boss Fight
  • mega lightning left
  • mega lightning right
  • so you actually made it...
  • i was actually hoping that you would show...
  • so i could give you the beating of your life!!!!
  • you’re annoying me quite a bit!
  • and do you know what happens when people annoy me, such as not featuring really good tynker projects?
  • i give them a magic show!
  • so you prepare yourself for the...
  • crystal burst111
  • left crystal charge
  • right crystal charge
  • mega energy ball 1
  • mega energy ball 11
  • random lightning
  • homing lightning
  • you know what? enough games.
  • time to show you what i can really do.
  • drawing copy copy
  • let’s try some of these! :d
  • getting me with my own attack? that’s low.
  • i’ll respond in the same manner.
  • try to jump now friend.
  • Morgan Defeated copy
  • the great destroyer
  • drawing copy copy1
  • drawing copy1 copy
  • drawing copy1 copy copy
  • red grand crystal
  • blue grand crystal
  • green grand crystal
  • i’ll take these
  • hello fool. i appreciate you gathering all the grand crystals here for me in the ideal spot for to begin my takeover!
  • yep! you’ve been used straight from the start!
  • and now, thanks to you, this world will be mine.
  • now ta ta! my superweapon is waiting!
  • the power of the crystals
  • lava bubble11111
  • lava bubble11112
  • lava bubble111121
  • lava bubble1111211
  • lava bubble11113
  • lava bubble111131
  • lava bubble1111311
  • hello. i didn’t expect you to make it all the way here.
  • but all your efforts have been pointless.
  • you will die here along with the world.
  • is this the ending you wanted? no.
  • but it’s the ending you’ll get.
  • i realized i can’t stop you by myself, so i’ll be using these crystals to power up the boss!
  • now prepare yourself for the ultimate battle!!!!!
  • how about a rematch?
  • flame sword random
  • flame sword homing
  • waiting for me to turn blue so you can attack me?
  • now prepare to die!
  • fire charge left
  • fire charge left1
  • set fireball 111
  • set fireball 1111
  • set fireball 11111
  • victory for real this time!
  • set final boss11
  • set final boss1111
  • lava bubble11113121
  • lava bubble111131211
  • lava bubble1111312111
  • lava bubble11113121111
  • lava bubble111131211111
  • lava bubble1111312111111

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