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OOF studios boss fight! 1

by Spiteful Bacon

originally from "OOF studios boss fight!" by Thankful Box



OOF studios boss fight! 1, a project made by Spiteful Bacon using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Battle, Art, Storytelling, Boss Fight


visibility, delays, simple variables, basic math, simple messaging, simple conditionals, cloning, simple loops, program control, input/output, simple events, variables, advanced motion, advanced events, detect conditions, advanced animation, simple motion, layers, simple costume handling, advanced costume handling, direction and turning, advanced math, conditional wait, resize actor

  • #Lines:627
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:28
  • #Scripts:76

Text Snippets

  • OOF studios boss fight! 1
  • caution : this part is very similar to "the omega flowey fight" and "hard robot boss battle", but i only gained inspiration, and i didn't copy either one of them.
  • left.
  • holloween's health:
  • left.
  • thank you for playing! please heart this project if you like it. don't copy, or please give credit!
  • you said no!!?!??oh im coming!
  • halloween's dead
  • i thought i could destroy you.....
  • i was only a little noob once.
  • nuclear waste made me a monster.
  • people called me ultraoob.just because i look like this.
  • i was then destroyed by guns and bombs.
  • people sang victory songs.
  • but my conciousness were kept in a computer.
  • then, years later, a boy with a strange box on his head found me.
  • he said his name was mr box.
  • he reconstructed me with his incredible java skill.
  • and after all these year, i finally had stronger power then i used to have.
  • i'm not just a conciousness. i'm real. i'm standing here telling the story.
  • and before i disappear, i want to say something.
  • you are the first one to defeat me except for mr box
  • you have the power to save the world
  • don't worry about me, i can reconstruct myself.
  • but for the first one to defeat me, your have the right to be my new friend.
  • and congrats, bomber6467 you earned my respect.
  • horozontal bullet
  • well, have you finally came here to finish me off?
  • look bomber6467, here's the thing.
  • you can't kill me just because i'm evil now.
  • well its time to fight!
  • spaceship bullet
  • sight of halloween x
  • tracking laser x
  • sight of halloween y
  • tracking laser y

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