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my pet Kylo

by Animated Map



my pet Kylo, a project made by Animated Map using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Customizer, Social, My News, Animals, Game, Simulator, Taking Care Of, Storytelling, Virtual Friend, Animation, App


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, simple loops, advanced motion, input/output, detect conditions, simple conditionals, simple motion, program control, advanced costume handling, miscellaneous, simple variables, variables, text handling, delays, basic math, advanced events, direction and turning, pen color, conditional loops

  • #Lines:478
  • #Actors:26
  • #Costumes:33
  • #Scripts:124

Text Snippets

  • sorry the last update, was, my last update😮
  • keep his thist, hunger, and energy at a good level
  • kylo is my actual dog
  • this game is based off of him
  • his parents belong to my aut and uncle for one and another aunt and uncle for another.
  • he has two sisters.
  • he is half miniture snowzure and half long haired chuwawa.
  • his parent’s are pure breed dog’s
  • plz leave a like
  • i love my drawing. do you?
  • mix up the costumes a little
  • three outfits. holloween, thanksgiving, and x mas.
  • remember. plz leave a like
  • don’t forget playtime. in reality he loves play time
  • did you know that my dog kylo’s favorite part’s of the day are. saying goodmorning, and eating breakfast.