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Moon's story2

by Thin Kitten



Moon's story2, a project made by Thin Kitten using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Storytelling


delays, input/output, advanced costume handling, visibility, advanced animation, advanced motion, simple events, resize actor, simple motion

  • #Lines:210
  • #Actors:6
  • #Costumes:30
  • #Scripts:8

Text Snippets

  • three hours later
  • night forest2:mud's hole
  • the hole to mud's territory
  • to be continued...
  • moon sitting by cave opening1
  • moon sitting by cave opening2
  • Fire:sitting on rock1
  • Fire:sitting on rock2:sleep copy17
  • Fire:teaching Moon hunting1
  • moon:while fire teaches her hunting1
  • i guess i'll have to find a new pack on my own.
  • oh no! i slept too long, i've got to find a new pack.
  • moon:walking back to inside of cave
  • how about forest pack, nah!
  • my name is moon, and you look like a pup.
  • so, i kinda lost my home and all, so, can i stay with you?
  • i thought you were one
  • is this your territory?
  • moon:sliding down mud's hole
  • nice territory, how'd did you come up with the idea to have it under-ground
  • okay, so, what's your name?
  • moon:looking at her mark
  • oh, i've never noticed that.
  • that i think about it, i remember the moon shining on my chest, it left behind this mark
  • we were kicked out if my pack and my mom was taken away by scar
  • moon:sitting on rock
  • *yawn* lets nap now, i've had some day
  • moon:lying diwn-smiling
  • Moon:sitting on rock
  • Moon:walking to hole in cave
  • Moon:staring at moon outside of cave1
  • Moon:staring at moon outside of cave2
  • Moon:staring at moon outside of cave3
  • Moon:walking back to inside of cave
  • Moon:while Fire teaches her hunting1
  • Moon:sliding down Mud's hole
  • Moon:looking at her mark
  • Moon:lying diwn-smiling
  • sure i might be one, but that doesnt mean i'm friendly!
  • fine! but dont expect to find a whole pack down in my territory, i'm a loner
  • mud:mad-walking1
  • no, its inside that hole
  • well, do you see any other hole
  • lets slide down it
  • mud:sliding down the hole
  • well, i wanted some place where no one would find me
  • i thought, what other better place then under-ground, though it took me a whike to build, it was worth it
  • mud. and i just have to ask, how did you get that mark on your chest?
  • wow, that's one cool way to get a mark on your chest. :p
  • so, how did you lose your home?
  • sorry, if it helps any, my family was exiled from my pack and later died
  • Mud:mad-walking1
  • Mud:sliding down the hole