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Dessert Place 2: Suger Rush!

by Wandering Window



Dessert Place 2: Suger Rush!, a project made by Wandering Window using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Funny, Animation, Storytelling


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, advanced costume handling, input/output, delays, simple sound playing, simple costume handling, direction and turning, simple loops, resize actor, simple motion

  • #Lines:140
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:16
  • #Scripts:36

Text Snippets

  • Dessert Place 2: Suger Rush!
  • you pet your dog, before taking it for a walk.
  • while walking your dog, you realise your dessert place is full!
  • tap the cake mix to put it in the bowl, then tap the water, then the spoon.
  • then, tap on the tray to pour the mixture.
  • now, tap the oven.
  • tap on the icing to put it on the cake.
  • lets see how your customer likes it!
  • looks like they enjoyed it!
  • oh no! *your customers rush out (including you and your waiter) to safty!
  • the fireman said 'sorry, but the building is so damaged from the fire it cannot be used. we will find you a new dessert shop.'
  • so, you walk to your new dessert place.
  • 'woah! it's amazing!' you say happily.
  • 'two stories. ones a house, ones a dessert place. lucky you!'
  • hello. this is the end of the second game. sorry to disapoint you :(
  • press the green button to play!
  • green button off
  • decorative cake!

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Dessert Place 2: Suger Rush!