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Cooking Game

by Voracious Telescope



Cooking Game, a project made by Voracious Telescope using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Food & Drink, Simulator, Art, How To, Animation, Cool / Wow


simple conditionals, miscellaneous

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  • hi this game took me so long to make so please like this and i will add more recipes (and please no coping❤️)
  • hide for cookies
  • ingridents list cookies
  • recipe requires flour
  • recipe requires cc
  • need help? how to play: when started open recipe book to find a few recipes you can choose from. in your choice pick a recipe to bake. when so the game should tell you your ingridents. go to fridge or freezer depending on your ingridents and tap on them. there for if you got the right ingridents you should move on to baking which is not hard to figure out your self! have fun!
  • check off flours box

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