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Comic club Comic!🤗

by Materialistic Muffin



Comic club Comic!🤗, a project made by Materialistic Muffin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Cool / Wow, Game, Art, Storytelling, Social, My News, Shout-Out, Stick Figure


input/output, simple variables, variables, graphic effects, simple messaging, simple loops, delays, visibility, simple events, simple costume handling, layers, advanced costume handling, functions, lists, text handling, string handling

  • #Lines:229
  • #Actors:8
  • #Costumes:46
  • #Scripts:23

Text Snippets

  • Comic club Comic!🤗
  • one day, jilly was sleeping(sorry if i didn’t draw that good🤗).
  • suddenly, her alpha super awesome mega zappy exoskeleton extra-laser meeting watch rang!
  • she jolted out of bed.
  • it was time to go to super corbs house and have a super meeting!
  • so she went there.
  • everyone was there. super corbs, mr apple, tundra, and zap fire.
  • “you gotta see this!”
  • “you gotta see this.” super corbs said.
  • “you gotta see this!” end
  • super corbs showed the crew his ipad. on the news, bad guys were at jason’s plaza!
  • “let’s go!”
  • “then what are you waiting for?” asked zap fire. “let’s go!”
  • “let’s go!” end
  • four minutes later... they arrived at jason’s plaza.
  • they opened the door...
  • what the!?! inside was a huge party full of bad guys!
  • suddenly, the party stopped. all the robbers and bad guys stopped dancing. they stared at jilly, tundra, super corbs, mr apple, and zap fire.
  • “get them!” jilly said.
  • poof! jilly turned into m&m. “hey there little fella!” a robber said.
  • snarl! m&m growled.
  • “ahh!” a robber screamed. “it’s a werwolf!”
  • “i’m alergic to werwolfs!” another robber exclaimed.
  • suddenly, two bad guys came in front of tundra!
  • not a problem! the first robber was alergic to cats and the second one got a uppercut from tundra’s tail.
  • “seize him!” a robber said. two robbers lunged at super corbs, trying to capture him.
  • super corbs turned into a dinosaur and ate a robber! the other one screamed and ran away.
  • then, two of the smartest robbers charged at zap fire, with shining emerald swords. zap fire remained calm.
  • mr apple was smart. he thought “apple” and guess what....
  • ...he turned into one juicy, yummy, green apple.
  • a hungry robber wanted a snack. he came across mr apple.
  • the robber opened his drooling mouth...
  • the apple turned into, well, mr apple.
  • the robber passed out cold from seeing the impossible.
  • soon, all the bad guys died or passed out.
  • “that was easy!” said zap fire.
  • “hey!” super corbs exclaimed. “who is that?”
  • a dark figure appeared out of nowwhere...
  • to be continued: see next!
  • i have got a idea for a comic! many people are joining all at once so this episode includes jilly, tundra, zap fire, super corbs, and mr apple!
  • so, my brother nova evo/jadeslayer, helped me on this and i give him some credit... the guy next to me is him.
  • so, let’s start!
  • it’s called...
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy 1
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • you gotta see this.