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Clash of Clans!

by mrbIob4



Clash of Clans!, a project made by mrbIob4 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Arcade, Strategy, Remake, Social, My News, Tower Defense, Animation


basic math, simple variables, miscellaneous, variables, delays, simple conditionals, simple loops, advanced math, expert math, advanced loops, conditional loops

  • #Lines:4644
  • #Actors:87
  • #Costumes:156
  • #Scripts:536

Text Snippets

  • surrendor confirmation
  • are you sure you want to surrender? all troops that were placed cannot be reclaimed.
  • hits on weapon 2
  • great job! you completed the game!
  • great job! do you want to continue fighting or return back to camp?
  • # of tnt's in attack
  • must get to level 5 or higher to unlock!
  • # of speed spells
  • do you want to go through the tutorial?
  • this is the barracks. you will buy your troops here.
  • this is your gold mine. it will produce some extra gold for you.
  • shop instructions
  • this is your shop. you can buy gold mines or extra ammo here.
  • scout instructions
  • this is where you can scout out the next level without actually attacking.
  • attack instructions
  • this is where you will attack the enemy camp. click on it to continue.
  • this is where you can surrender if you are out of troops or just want to quit.
  • troops instructions
  • these are the troops you bought. to attack, you will touch on the screen where you want the troops to spawn.
  • base instructions
  • this is the enemy hq. this is what your troops will always be trying to attack. it will also be firing a few bullets at your troops.
  • weapon instructions
  • this is an enemy weapon. it will shoot bullets that can hit any of your troops.
  • wall instructions
  • this is an enemy wall. all ground troops will be affected by it. however, air troops can fly over.
  • general instructions
  • when the enemy hq is destoyed, you will automatically win that level.
  • if you destroy any walls or weapons you will get some extra coins in addition to the coins that you get for beating the level.
  • when any troop hits a weapon or the hq, it will be killed, but will still cause damage to the item.
  • repeat turtoial?
  • after the recent attack on your camp, you were only left with 37 troops and 160 coins.
  • you will have to start nearly from scratch! luckily the enemy camp didn't do so well either.
  • i stole this game stop playing it >:-(
  • wall 2 animation
  • wall 3 animation
  • wall 4 animation
  • wall 5 animation
  • weapon animation
  • find spell target
  • purple building short 2
  • green troop info the green troop is a slow moving troop but will cause a lot of damage to what it hits. - ground troop speed: 37.5 damage: 17.5 cost: $30
  • red troop info the red troop is a fast moving troop, but will not cause much damage. - ground troop speed: 100 damage: 5 cost: $10
  • orange troop info the orange troop is a ground troop that will attack everyting. it moves at a medium speed and has a medium damage. - ground troop speed: 50 damage: 10 cost: $20
  • purple troop info the purple troop is a troop that can fly over enemy walls. it delivers the same damage as the orange troop, but goes faster. - air troop speed: 70 damage: 10 cost: $40
  • buy 1 gold mine - $100
  • gold mine bought
  • weapon 2 animation
  • tnt info tnt is a bomb that you can buy to throw at any enemy targets. the tnt will not be destroyed by any enemy bullets. however, you can only bring a max of 3 tnt's along when fighting. - damage: 50 cost: $60
  • possible coins: $960
  • possible coins: $1128
  • possible coins: $1920
  • possible coins: $2388
  • possible coins: $1740
  • possible coins: $2560
  • possible coins: $3100
  • possible coins: $3260
  • possible coins: $3540
  • possible coins: $3660
  • change log: 1. changed how the barracks opens and closes. 2. added a little message for when you throw tnt or a speed spell. 3. added a new troop! 4. fixed the tnt so it will damage all defensive buildings around it. the tnt is also much stronger, but you can't bring as many into battle. 5. switched the level 9 and level 10 layouts because i felt that previously, the level 9 layout was actually harder than level 10. 6. put a limit on how many gold mines you can buy.
  • made by: 22rschuckman
  • buy 1 spell - $200
  • # of spells in attack
  • speed spell info speed spells are spells that you can throw in battle to make all troops that are inside of the spell area move two times faster. you can only bring a max of two spells into battle with you. - spell duration: 10 seconds troop speed increase: x2 cost: $200
  • drag the item onto
  • the battle field
  • black troop info the black troop is a very fast moving troop. it does little damage, but it can fly over enemy walls. - air troop speed: 150 damage: 2.5 cost: $5
  • made by: 22rschuckman