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Top Down Game Design

by Watchful Ghoul

remixed from "Top Down Game Design" by Whopping Supply

originally from "Top Down Game Design sample" by Whopping Supply



Top Down Game Design, a project made by Watchful Ghoul using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple events, expert physics, topdown controls, simple variables, basic math, advanced motion, functions, visibility, variables, direction and turning, conditional loops, topdown basics, detect conditions, simple loops, delays, advanced costume handling, layers, input/output, advanced messaging, simple motion, text handling, conditional wait, simple messaging, advanced animation, advanced events, level design, topdown automations, simple conditionals, advanced physics, graphic effects, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:198
  • #Actors:15
  • #Costumes:23
  • #Scripts:34

Text Snippets

  • Top Down Game Design
  • tynker.topdown.moveset2
  • tynker.topdown::move with key
  • tynker.topdown::spin attack
  • tynker.topdown::attack
  • tynker.topdown::block while key pressed
  • when i receive stun
  • when i receive hit
  • when i receive heal
  • levelthreefinish
  • tynker.topdown.moveset
  • stop this script
  • in attack range?
  • when i receive destoryall
  • stop fireball script
  • when i receive shootheal
  • when i receive rise effect
  • when i receive rain of healing
  • stop heal script
  • when i receive rise effect heart
  • when i receive lightningattack1
  • when i receive lightningattack2
  • calculates if enemy is in ellipse shaped strike zone
  • when i receive cast
  • when i receive electric shot
  • lightning of the arrow
  • when i receive shoot
  • castle_gate-closed
  • castle_gate-open
  • Castle_Gate-Open
  • Castle_Gate-Closed
  • dungeon entrance
  • tynker.topdown.moveset1
  • castle_wall-short
  • Castle_Wall-Short
  • display health of camera actor
  • the human king is invading our village!
  • to defeat the humans, find and get the coins in each world to become stronger.
  • you can find each world's entrance on this level; the overworld.

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