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Preview of Aquaticas Aquarium 1

by Plausible Golf

originally from "Preview of Aquaticas Aquarium" by I love Cake!



Preview of Aquaticas Aquarium 1, a project made by Plausible Golf using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


visibility, simple events, input/output, delays, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, text handling, variables, simple sound playing, simple loops, simple variables

  • #Lines:187
  • #Actors:11
  • #Costumes:18
  • #Scripts:59

Text Snippets

  • Preview of Aquaticas Aquarium 1
  • welcome new angent. your mission is to navigate around the submarine.
  • once your done come meet me in the lab. i will then tell you what to do next.
  • this is the tank room. as you collect more tank fish they will end up here.
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  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • oh hello there! didn’t expect you to get settled that fast.
  • well now your here! let me give you instructions on how to play.
  • at this facility we collect, heal, and release fish back into the ocean.
  • though sometimes we keep the fish in the tank room or pool room.
  • wait, thats right, you haven’t seen the pool room have you? well then be my guest and follow me.
  • well here we have the pool room! i will give you the pearl pack to get started.
  • the pearl is a type a money, same as the coin. the fish is, well a fish of course!
  • the number above it shows how much of that item you got.
  • you can earn pearl packs by completing special missions.
  • you can buy fish, supplies, and treats for you fish with the coins and pearls.
  • you can also earn all of these items by completing special missions.
  • to check for special missions go to the map room and click the map.
  • this is the end of the preview into the game. hope you enjoyed.

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