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Pac-Man(BETA) 1

by Labored Function

originally from "Pac-Man(BETA)" by Reasonable Prison



Pac-Man(BETA) 1, a project made by Labored Function using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade, Maze, Remake, Photo, Art, Animation


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, simple loops, detect conditions, simple conditionals, variables, simple motion, delays, direction and turning, music and instruments, layers, text handling, simple costume handling, input/output, advanced events, simple variables, simple sound playing, expert math, advanced costume handling

  • #Lines:499
  • #Actors:47
  • #Costumes:56
  • #Scripts:141

Text Snippets

  • 35 acoustic bass drum
  • 43 high floor tom
  • hello and welcome back to an amasing game by yeet man gaming pac-man is finally here! this took me a while to make please leave a like then you can copy this and show your friends btw ghosts can go through walls! try and get all of the pellets to win!
  • i have done a update i added more pellets and the ghosts go faster this update was released 10:35am mothers day enjoy!
  • Pac man close jaw
  • drawing111111121
  • drawing1111111211
  • drawing11111112111
  • drawing111111121111
  • drawing1111111211111
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  • drawing1111111211112
  • drawing11111112111121
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  • drawing11111112111121111
  • drawing copy copy
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