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holiday boss battle

by Longterm Tip



holiday boss battle, a project made by Longterm Tip using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Simulator, Battle, Boss Fight, Cool / Wow, Shout-Out, Storytelling


basic math, simple variables, miscellaneous, delays, simple conditionals, variables, simple loops, functions, advanced math, conditional loops

  • #Lines:1025
  • #Actors:15
  • #Costumes:116
  • #Scripts:71

Text Snippets

  • holiday boss battle
  • now you just have to wait till the end of the cycle
  • skip instructions
  • please like (and show your friends) i worked hard on this and liking shows me the work was worth it.
  • please remix this and make it to your liking if you so choose and even publish it
  • use code halloween easter for new looks
  • the original creater is puppypower1807
  • this is the menu
  • this is the system to start the game and gain boosts
  • having trouble? use code-
  • this ends the game
  • how dare you take gifts early
  • you ought to be scared
  • well that took awhile
  • go without stuff
  • go without stuff 2
  • gotcha! now your invulnerability is gone
  • you expect to just need to wait and then win? no you must fight back
  • this spawns the objects
  • this starts the game
  • i guess you can ruin your christmas
  • ok i give up. no spook for you
  • fine just take them and ruin the fun
  • Go without stuff
  • Go without stuff 2
  • i can’t take anymore
  • ok *pant* just can’t get hit
  • activates shield
  • thank you for helping me
  • costume on theme
  • auto heal, and damage on christmas
  • screem with lootbox
  • i have a looooooot box
  • continue with fight
  • *puff-puff-puff* o-o-ok *pant* now i can tell you
  • oh ok umm no you-you cant no-n-n-n-no how are you-
  • are very tired i can hehe