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Montana History / US History Coding Project

by rice mommy 100

originally from "president's day" by benstemporaryaccount



Montana History / US History Coding Project, a project made by rice mommy 100 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Animation, Art, Game, Trivia, History, Photo, Animals


input/output, text handling, variables, simple events, string handling, simple drawing, simple loops, simple variables, simple conditionals, functions, basic math, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • thomas_francis_meagher
  • hi! what is your name?
  • ! ready for some trivia? let's go!
  • which country was i born in?
  • i am proud to say my name is thomas francis meagher and i i was born in ireland!
  • actually i was born in ireland and my name is thomas francis meagher.
  • which country is washington dc in
  • the unitted states
  • how long has america been a country?
  • yes america is 244 years
  • no, dumby, its 244 years
  • who was the 16th president
  • john wilks booth
  • yea, old abraham liclon
  • no, dumby, its licoln
  • how many days was their slavery in america
  • more than 1 million
  • no, dumby, its 32120
  • how big is america
  • 3.797 million square miles
  • 1 trillion square feet
  • roughly 4.5 milliojn square miles
  • no, dumby, its 3.797 million mi²
  • how many states in america
  • no, dumby, its 50
  • how many original colonies
  • population of us
  • is american a demorcasy
  • no, its comunist
  • its not fully dumby

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