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Investment Simulator - copy

by Compassionate Technology



Investment Simulator - copy, a project made by Compassionate Technology using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Clicker, Animation, Role Playing


simple variables, variables, basic math, delays, simple conditionals, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • Investment Simulator - copy
  • welcome to investment simulator!
  • this game is not complete yet! so if the game went wrong, then i am really apologize about that
  • for more fun experience, i recommend donโ€™t fix the code becuase that is cheat, and it not fun! thanks
  • remeber to give me a thumb up! enjoy <3
  • what is your name?
  • travis789 owner unlock!
  • hey owner! welcome back!
  • ! welcome to investment simulator! to make this game more enjoyable , please donโ€™t fix the code! thanks for visit the game <3. enjoy!
  • just join the game!
  • loading news.....
  • breaking news: twiter stocks worth $100 per share!
  • loading news....
  • breaking news: facebook stocks rise to $100 per share!
  • tesla stocks worth over $250 per share!
  • breaking news: space x stocks just rise to $500 per share!
  • microsoft just reach $1000 per share in stocks!
  • breaking news: amazon just reach 1 trillion usd and it stock rise up to $2000 per share!
  • breaking news: apple stocks now worth $5000 per share!!!!
  • tynker just pass 2 trillions usd and it stock reach $10,000 per share!!!!
  • close shop/ invest
  • image copy copy copy
  • image copy copy 1
  • twitter stocks bought
  • twitter stocks cost
  • purchase success
  • stocks bought success
  • tynker stocks bought
  • tynker stocks cost
  • apple stocks bought
  • apple stocks cost
  • facebook stocks bought
  • facebook stocks cost
  • microsoft stocks bought
  • microsoft stocks cost
  • amazon stocks bought
  • amazon stocks cost
  • spacex stocks bought
  • spacex stocks cost
  • tesla stocks bought
  • tesla stocks cost
  • total clicks gui
  • image copy 2 copy
  • miscrosoft stocks
  • creator switch gui
  • image copy copy copy copy

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