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Intelligence Test FIXED 1

by Enchanting Snickerdoodle

originally from "Intelligence Test FIXED" by ConnorM12342



Intelligence Test FIXED 1, a project made by Enchanting Snickerdoodle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple messaging, visibility, simple variables, simple events, simple motion, basic math, input/output, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, text handling, delays, resize actor, variables, simple loops, miscellaneous, simple costume handling, advanced motion, conditional loops, advanced animation, advanced math, music and instruments, advanced messaging, advanced costume handling, simple drawing, layers, direction and turning, program control

  • #Lines:710
  • #Actors:32
  • #Costumes:41
  • #Scripts:140

Text Snippets

  • Intelligence Test FIXED 1
  • welcome to the intelligence test! this game will test your abilities of memorization and problem solving! by spoon12342
  • press this button to turn the sound on and off ---------------->
  • the intelligence test!
  • q2-touch the pink button, then the blue twice, then the green button.
  • q4-tap the smiley face's right eye.
  • q3-press the male.
  • still here? i'm impressed.
  • q5-tap the smallest .
  • q6-press the phone that is on.
  • q7-pay attention
  • q7-those three numbers multiplied equal?
  • q8-are the two gray center tiles the same or different color?
  • q9-what was the answer to q7?
  • what is the creator of this game's name?
  • q1-touch start to begin!
  • made by spoon12342
  • please heart this game and i will create more!
  • drawing copy copy
  • touch to try again!

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