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Greece, a project made by Natural Rate using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Quiz, History, Geography, Art


input/output, simple messaging, delays, visibility, advanced costume handling, basic math, miscellaneous, simple events, simple conditionals, simple costume handling, simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • hi ya brother zeus!
  • oh ok. well... you can find greece at the exact location of 39.0000° n, 22.0000° e.
  • hey i just told them that.
  • well that doesn't matter because i geuss next time i go out for ice cream i'll just leave zeus behind.
  • the offical language of greece is greek, but they also speak english, french, german, and italian.
  • ha! beat that zeus!
  • and much of greece is mountainous and rocky terrain, with the occasional plain. the pindus mountains start in northern greece and stretch south to the gulf of patra.
  • ummm.... ok? wait, hold up. how did you learn to talk?
  • first of all, how do you know all that stuff?
  • and second of all, why do you talk?
  • ok guys, thats it.
  • want to learn about greece?
  • leave then, or i shall blast you with a bolt.
  • hmm... well then. time to blast you!
  • welp, it stinks to be you. you get to listen anyways.
  • now back to buisness...
  • hold up, lets go somewhere else...
  • welcome to a forest. what's so special about it? it is in olympus!
  • yes, hi. i was telling them about greece.
  • hey, im going first. be quiet!
  • hmmmph, well, now where was i? right, i remember. you can find greece at the exact location of 39.0000° n, 22.0000° e.
  • oh, i can beat that...
  • very good kailey
  • my daughter could do better better than that.
  • about 20% of greece is made up of islands. crete is a large island located in the mediterranean sea.
  • ugh, posiedon, your dog said everything!
  • oooooo! i thought of someth—
  • ugh, well, there you go folks, ms. smarty over here said everything for you.
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • it was not a complement!
  • bye! shella, don't drive them crazy.
  • drawing copy copy
  • the climate in greece is mild and rainy winters, relatively warm and dry summers and generally extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year.
  • i don't know. one day i swallowed a dolphin, and that dolphin apparently ate a human yesterday afternoon for dinner.
  • then i had some chocolate ice cream for dessert. and then i had some fresh, and local, sea food from greece.
  • hey, did you know that the night life in greece is amazing? it is!
  • you should definitely go to the “bouzoukia” (boo-zoo-kia), which are basically large concert halls where famous artists gather to preform.
  • if you’re on the islands, you’ll never be far from a beach bar or nightclub where you can dance to some european jams.
  • greece is situation smack dab between europe and asia.
  • for the traveler, that means that you can be in paris in under two hours and for less than 100 euro, or you can hop on a ferry from rhodes and be in turkey in 45 minutes flat.
  • tickets are fairly inexpensive, and in some cases a foreign student id card will even get you the special student prices.
  • oh, well, i'm a very smart dog, you know.
  • i have no idea. by the way, never go to arkansas. greece has way more ruins and myths. arkansas is also, most of the time, warmer.
  • drawing copy copy copy1
  • plus, who likes chicken and waffles? bleh
  • and it is a popular tourist area for its beautiful mountains, coastline, and many ancient ruins. most of the people in greece live along the coast, or along rivers and harbors.
  • sorry, this game isnt available at the moment it is takeing us a while to make the games sorry to keep you waiting.
  • now it is time for the test...
  • what is the exact location of greece?
  • 39 north, 22 east
  • you are right. he is incrediably ugly.
  • sorry, but zeus is the ugly one.
  • name something interesting to do in greece.
  • dancing at the bouzookia.
  • ? maybe so, but not what i was looking for...
  • what is my name?
  • yes, that is my name.
  • what does most of greece's look like?
  • sunshine and lollipops.
  • mountainious and rocky.
  • i love sunshine and lollipops. that answer is sooooo...
  • i hope you liked this. remember: this must get 100 likes for the games to be playable.
  • this was made by bingopower and pawprints4ever. if the usernames are different, then this was copied. please dont copy.
  • greece is a very interesting country. in the ancient times, people believed in greek gods, such as zeus (who's is right next to me with the ugly face),
  • and there is also hades, posiedon, apollo, artemis, athena, and many more.
  • yep, that is me. ms. smarty.
  • now it is time for for some real fun. you can play a game with me!
  • it seemed like one to me.
  • do i need to repeat the thing about zeus?
  • greece is a very interesting country. in the ancient times, people believed in greek gods, such as zeus (who's is right next to me with the ugly face).

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