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{Google Dino Dash} 1

by Upset Level



{Google Dino Dash} 1, a project made by Upset Level using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Strategy, Remake, Animation, Dodging


basic math, simple variables, simple conditionals, simple messaging, simple events, delays, variables, simple loops, cloning, input/output, advanced motion, advanced costume handling, resize actor, text handling, conditional loops, visibility, simple motion, miscellaneous, pen color, detect conditions, system date, video control, simple drawing, advanced math, music and instruments, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:393
  • #Actors:17
  • #Costumes:25
  • #Scripts:28

Text Snippets

  • {Google Dino Dash} 1
  • this is the web edition of dino dash, but it only works on mobile.
  • game sound 13 loop
  • you are playing a plagerized copy of an awesome game by pcpixel! search for the original, and report this copy at once!
  • top plain message box
  • this is a replica of dino dash by {google}
  • it is a remake of the offline game we all know and love!
  • speaking of love, leave this project a ♥️
  • check out my other games! 🎮

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{Google Dino Dash} 1
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