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Fluffville 1

by Sincere End

remixed from "Fluffville" by Ripe Chair

originally from "Fluffville so Far..." by Upset Porcupine



Fluffville 1, a project made by Sincere End using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, simple messaging, advanced messaging, visibility, advanced costume handling, miscellaneous, basic math, simple events, simple conditionals, simple variables, delays, simple loops, simple costume handling, advanced motion, lists

  • #Lines:545
  • #Actors:14
  • #Costumes:27
  • #Scripts:91

Text Snippets

  • in fuzzcards you take turns flipping over a card and guessing the number that will be on it. the first person to guess a card right wins!
  • pick a card and number
  • well i pick card 2 and the number 3
  • hi my name is lola, what's your name?
  • you seem like a cool guy
  • hey! since you're new to fluffville, i'll show you around!
  • this is the fluffy cliff, home to the fluffy hermit timmy!
  • want to meet him?
  • so this is my town fuzzybon
  • let me show you my house!
  • okay let's go in!
  • you're on his side! i'm leaving!
  • i was only showing
  • and must i say you are as rude as ever!
  • what do you want?
  • i'm staying with timmy for now!
  • what did you do to timmy?
  • this may take a bit...
  • really! that's what you came to say!
  • i'll see you some other time bye!
  • i knew you were rude!
  • you shouldn't be mean to jimmy
  • i guess i forgive you
  • i hope you like it!
  • whould you like to be my room friend and move in with me?
  • let's stop fighting with mean old jimmy!
  • what do you think of it?
  • thoughts on fight
  • (you say nothing)
  • i'm going to look for lola
  • lola! what did i tell you about disturbing me!
  • i'm the rude one!
  • oh okay! by the way she is probaly in the town which is just south from here
  • you're very kind!
  • whould you like to stay with me for a little while?
  • that's wonderful!
  • i would show you to the king but i'm not very good with talking...
  • whould you mind going alone?
  • okay! the castle is right behind the town fuzzybon!
  • okay, i guess you can stay here
  • oh okay then you better get going
  • i see you didn't vist the king!
  • i didn't say who i am
  • the only way they wouldn't let you in is if you didn't say who you are
  • but you can't stay here if you don't say you're name!
  • i see you're back from visting the king!
  • what to play fuzzcards?
  • okay, i guess you can go to town
  • sorry about that, she's just done more mean things to me then i you can think of
  • that was fun, wasn't it!
  • hi, who are you little miss?
  • i'm timmy, would you like a cookie?
  • i just gave her a cookie...
  • lola, who are you?
  • he must have tried to kill me!
  • i don't feel good..
  • timmy what did you do!
  • you should go to jail! still i am a kind fluff so as long as you live as a hermit and never leave your home, i will not tell the king!
  • halt! who are you?
  • i'm not telling you!
  • oh i see you're a new villager! come inside!
  • then you should leave troublemaker!
  • oh you're the new villager, everybody has been talking about!
  • well you have my permission to be a full on villager!
  • don't bother with lola, she's stubborn
  • i'm lula and you must be
  • , the whole town is talking about you beacuse you're new.
  • do you like tree hugging?
  • me too! i started a tree hugger's club but i'm the only member...
  • i thought you would say yes, oh well...
  • i'll, show you the place of tree hugging!
  • hi i'm lula! you must be
  • ! everybody's is talking about you!
  • well i need to go hug mr. tree, bye!
  • not really, but i've gotta go do my hobby ;), bye!
  • you don't! well i have a backup spot!
  • this is my only backup! i guess you'll have to deal with it..