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Elf C game

by Superb Struggle



Elf C game, a project made by Superb Struggle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple messaging, visibility, input/output, simple events, basic math, miscellaneous, delays, simple sound playing, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, simple motion, direction and turning, program control, layers, conditional wait, text handling, pen color, detect conditions

  • #Lines:220
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:22
  • #Scripts:39

Text Snippets

  • by ryan. please do not copy or edit.
  • what is your name
  • how old are you?
  • you're a tiny tot
  • you're quite old
  • you're middle aged
  • swipe up to access the elf cracker challenge
  • c5: the cottage is under threat from some pirates what should i do?
  • blow up their ship
  • tell them to go away
  • you're wrong game over!
  • well done! you've completed the elf cracker challenge.
  • c2:the cottage is under threat from a cannon what should i do
  • move a kennel in the way
  • c3: elf snowman is going to be poisoned what should i do
  • change the potion for some milk
  • kill the man with a sword
  • c4: the cottage is under threat from a ghost what should i do
  • put him back in his grave
  • c1: the cottage is under threat from a witch what should i do
  • shoot the bow and arrow

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Elf C game