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BasketBall Throw 1

by Cavernous Ennui



BasketBall Throw 1, a project made by Cavernous Ennui using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Sports, Physics Engine, Art, Animation, Social, My News, Shout-Out


expert physics, variables, visibility, basic math, delays, simple conditionals, simple messaging, advanced motion, simple variables, simple events, detect conditions, miscellaneous, text handling, input/output, simple motion, conditional loops, advanced loops, advanced events, direction and turning, advanced math, resize actor, simple loops, shape drawing, graphic effects, advanced costume handling, simple drawing, layers, simple costume handling, pen size, pen color, basic physics, advanced physics

  • #Lines:2146
  • #Actors:60
  • #Costumes:65
  • #Scripts:226

Text Snippets

  • BasketBall Throw 1
  • skills challenge on
  • skills challenge
  • made by 22rschuckman. dont copy or modify.
  • click on the instructions to read all the instructions.
  • to throw the ball, swipe the ball across the screen.
  • skills challenge off
  • ball111111111111
  • ball1111111111111
  • ball11111111111111
  • basketball throw instructions - in quick toss mode, you will have 30 seconds to shoot as many baskets as possible. you will get 3 points for every goal you make. more basketballs will appear for you to shoot. you will also not be able to see the power of each throw. - in skills challenge mode, your ball will sit on a platform that will change where its positioned every time after you shoot. your goal is to have the longest streak. if you don't make a goal, your streak will be broken. - in practice mode, you will only get one ball. practice mode is for you to get better at shooting the ball. this is also where you can shoot 2 point goals.
  • basketball throw!
  • highest streak:
  • drawing911112111
  • drawing911112112