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Python 1

Intro to Python

Advanced Course: Learn to code browser-based games using Python, pen drawing and Turtle graphics.

  • Build Python Games
  • 115 programming activities
  • 48 coding puzzles
  • Build 8 mini-games
  • No Prerequisites
  • Recommended for Ages 12+
  • Build Python Games
  • 115 programming activities
  • 48 coding puzzles
  • Build 8 mini-games
  • No Prerequisites
  • Recommended for Ages 12+

13 Modules

The Basics Learn Python basics and syntax. 14 Activities: 2 Intros | 11 Tutorials | 1 DIY
Loops and Patterns Learn to recognize patterns and use a "for" loop to solve problems. 14 Activities: 13 Intros | 1 Tutorial
Conditional Logic Learn about conditionals in Python. 16 Activities: 1 Intro | 15 Tutorials
Conditional Loops Learn how to use "while" loops in Python. 12 Activities: 11 Intros | 1 Tutorial
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My 8 year old son just completed the Tynker programming course. It was a fantastic learning experience for him... Keep up the good work! Brian Perron, Ph.D. Parent from Ann Arbor, MI
I am so glad we were introduced to Tynker! Brayden gets to do something he really loves, and he feels so good about what he is accomplishing! He is having FUN and learning so much! Emilee Roberts Parent from Spring, TX

How Kids Learn with Tynker

Kids learn on their own with a guided, hands-on approach that individualizes the learning experience. Tynker's online courses provide a complete learning system for your child to master the fundamentals of programming. Tynker's visual programming language makes it easy to learn, and once kids gain proficiency, they can seamlessly transition to Javascript coding within the Tynker learning system. Enroll in one of our plans for unlimited play across all courses.

Self-Paced Courses
  • Step-by-step success
  • Interactive lessons
  • Guided learning
  • Skill mastery
Game-Based Learning
  • Fun challenges
  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Achievements
  • Immersive entertainment
Hands-on Activities
  • Visual Workshop
  • Level Editor
  • Character Creator
  • Physics Engine


Online courses require a desktop computer, laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet connection and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser. No downloads required. Courses are not supported on tablets.

Minecraft courses and server access is available to verified accounts. Minecraft client for PC or Mac with a valid Mojang account is required for Java server access. Minecraft for Windows 10 is required for Agent Recall, Gears of Time, Mythicraft, and Mind Crafters courses. Content and courses are subject to changes. NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG.

The Stunt Pilot course requires a physical drone and an Ipad or Android tablet (each sold separately). Any airborne Parrot Minidrone such as the Rolling Spider, Night, Cargo, Mambo, or Swing drone can be used.