Worst game ever

by Tasty Computer

originally from "Granny 2 1" by Shadowy Spider



THIS is the new granny. BUT... Granny is blind, and only kills you when you touch the wire and will come to you. You can move by pressing the up arrow and using the mouse to change directions. One key is possible to show up in four different places, the other one is in a melon. You have to use the melon machine to open the melon. You can hide in beds and cupboards. When you open a lock, it also makes sound, and granny will come to get you! There is only 2 keys.


Art, Game, Arcade, Remake, Animation, Photo, Strategy


simple conditionals, variables, advanced costume handling, detect conditions, simple motion, simple messaging, simple variables, expert math, visibility, simple loops, direction and turning, simple events, cloning, functions, advanced math, miscellaneous, basic math, layers, delays, input/output, program control

  • #Lines:165
  • #Actors:4
  • #Costumes:11
  • #Scripts:17


  • background scene - Background
    background scene - Background
  • Speeker - actor
    Speeker - actor
  • Player - Granny
    Player - Granny
  • Player - melon
    Player - melon
  • Player - Keyd
    Player - Keyd
  • Player - Double keyd
    Player - Double keyd
  • Melon - actor
    Melon - actor
  • Player1 - 1
    Player1 - 1
  • Player1 - melon
    Player1 - melon
  • Player1 - Keyd
    Player1 - Keyd
  • Player1 - Double keyd
    Player1 - Double keyd
  • Player1 - drawing
    Player1 - drawing