word guesser

by Probable Helium

originally from "Valentines Day - Complete" by Unkempt Auction



word guesser, a project made by Probable Helium using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




input/output, basic math, advanced string handling, simple variables, variables, simple sound playing, simple conditionals, detect conditions, conditional loops, miscellaneous, advanced math, simple events, music and instruments, text handling, simple loops, string handling

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Text Snippets

  • hello, my name is venus!some of u might know me from "cooldogs lab!".i’m gonna give you clues about one word,and you guess wut it is
  • my word starts with
  • , and the word is
  • letters long! i am the opposite of day. what am i?
  • my next word starts with
  • letters long! my awesome clue is: meow.
  • aw man, incorrect.
  • my other word ends with
  • long! the word means closing your eyes for a short time.
  • you got it wrong, but don’t give up!
  • hey, if we replace the lin in blink with oo, what do we get?
  • it is book! you got it!
  • no. the answer was
  • my last word starts with
  • many words long, and i am a sport when you hit a ball with a bat.
  • you guessed right!
  • you got all corect! you rock!btw kiwiball is nz baseball
  • nope.btw kiwiball is nz baseball
  • oh!wait!forgot about my apointment!bye!


  • background scene - Fantasy Forest
    background scene - Fantasy Forest
  • lily - Happy
    lily - Happy