What's in the egg?

by Bronze Feast



What's in the egg?, a project made by Bronze Feast using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




input/output, simple variables, basic math, simple sound playing, advanced events, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, simple events, visibility, text handling, delays, variables, resize actor, music and instruments, fill color, simple motion

  • #Lines:138
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:3
  • #Scripts:7

Text Snippets

  • What's in the egg?
  • adventurous music
  • thanks for wasting your time just to see what happens when you have enough points :)
  • 500. wow, you could do better though.
  • 1000 is some good progress. you could lose all of it if you just exited the game
  • oh no! i forgot what the reward is. let me check
  • i skipped 8000. i was just checking what the reward is. and i found out that
  • you can leave. just go!
  • i skipped 2500. im so sorry. im gonna forgive you by giving you this.
  • i can tell you a secret.
  • adventure theme1
  • 10.000 points you will
  • oh. you ofcourse want to know what the reward is.
  • the reward you will get from 10.000 points is
  • lol. you seriously think there is a reward?! keep wasting your time i dare you
  • wow. so you actually got 10.000 points. (or you just messed with the game code) well this is your reward :)


  • egg - egg
    egg - egg
  • egg - golden egg
    egg - golden egg
  • bunny - bunny
    bunny - bunny

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