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Week 7: Make an Arcade Game

by yo yo what'sup?

remixed from "Week 7: Make an Arcade Game" by CHOCOLATE CHIP

originally from "Week 7: Make an Arcade Game" by Organic Explode



Week 7: Make an Arcade Game, a project made by yo yo what'sup? using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation

Text Snippets

  • action hero music
  • time is up! take a look at your score in the top left corner and play again to try and beat your high score!
  • center message box
  • game over! the object you just collected would not be useful during the confinement. check your final score in the top left corner and try to beat it next time!
  • catch all the right items to score points.
  • catch the wrong ones and you lose points.
  • serious mood music
  • easy rider music
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  • 364-3645454_soccer-ball-clip-art-free-vector-in-open

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