Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge

by The Riddler Supreme

remixed from "Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge" by Unsung Neighborhood

originally from "Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge" by Nervous Queen



press the down arrow key then when actor says behold press the left arrow key then after he says for it press the up arrow key.


visibility, simple events, input/output, advanced animation, simple sound playing, simple motion, delays

  • #Lines:24
  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:4
  • #Scripts:7

Text Snippets

  • hello today i'm going to tell you how i'm going to change the world
  • well it began over in well when the first war was. you see the biggest problems are wars and deaths
  • i would create something that would sense when there are conflicts and cause the conflict to have peace.
  • behold the peacemaker inator
  • the only problem is i can't find a power source for it
  • well i can still change the world in other ways.


  • background scene - fantasy red
    background scene - fantasy red
  • actor - actor
    actor - actor
  • actor - boom2
    actor - boom2

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