Warrior cats quiz: Series 1

by Limp City



Warrior cats quiz: Series 1, a project made by Limp City using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • Warrior cats quiz: Series 1
  • but please enjoy🙂
  • and please like😍
  • hello, my name is cinderpelt, thunder clan's former medicine cat
  • i have been sent by bluestar to quiz you on thunderclan cats
  • so, why dont we get started?
  • who was yellowfang's son?
  • she wasn't pleased with how he turned out though
  • i wonder if you can handle this next question...
  • ooh not quite. raggedstar was her husband
  • i'm afraid not. he was the leader of riverclan
  • who was fireheart's sister?
  • you have a sharp mind!
  • no, she is a different kittypet, who arrives later in series 2
  • i'm afraid not. she was his mate
  • who was my mentor?
  • no, she was fireheart's mentor
  • thank star clan, no!
  • it was fireheart
  • who was my brother?
  • who did fireheart first love?
  • he may have ended up as sandstorm's mate, but at first, he loved spottedleaf
  • no, but i wish he did
  • i have a kind of crush of fireheart/star
  • but that's between you and me, ok?
  • you really know lots about thunderclan!
  • no, but through all her moodiness, he grew close to her in the end
  • what are the names of bluestar's kits?
  • mistyfoot + stonefur
  • stormfur + feathertail
  • mistytail + stonepelt
  • neither of these characters exist, so unfortunatly, no
  • no, they where greystripe's kits
  • who loves greystripe?
  • i'm afraid that's not the right answer
  • yes, the pretty riverclan cat
  • who killed tigerstar?
  • you are very clever, aren't you?
  • well, i'm glad you agree with me!
  • well, i think so
  • alas, no. but he will beat him when he 'returns'
  • who is sandstorm's brother?
  • yes, the sharp tounged dustpelt
  • no, but then again, i don't know much about his family
  • what excuse did bluestar make to cover up the fact she had given her kits to riverclan
  • a badger took them
  • riverclan stole them
  • twolegs stole them
  • no. she's not the danger enforcing type
  • still, it would be terrible if they did
  • 10/10 - you got full marks!
  • you are quite the thunderclan series 1 genius!
  • 9/10 - so close!
  • but you still got a high mark!
  • 8/10 - that's not bad!
  • 7/10 - that's an ok mark!
  • 6/10 - it may not be as good as ten, but it's good nonetheless!
  • 5/10 - it's a fine mark!
  • made by the nightfury whisperer


  • background scene - But please enjoy🙂
    background scene - But please enjoy🙂
  • background scene - Please dont copy!
    background scene - Please dont copy!
  • background scene - The End
    background scene - The End
  • background scene - moon
    background scene - moon
  • background scene - And please like😍
    background scene - And please like😍
  • Cinderpelt - Thoughtful
    Cinderpelt - Thoughtful
  • Cinderpelt - Sitting
    Cinderpelt - Sitting
  • Cinderpelt - Nervous
    Cinderpelt - Nervous
  • Cinderpelt - Natural
    Cinderpelt - Natural
  • Cinderpelt - Pleased
    Cinderpelt - Pleased
  • Cinderpelt - Embaressed
    Cinderpelt - Embaressed
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