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Warrior cat quiz

by Lots of stuff!!!!!

originally from "Animation Template" by Graceful Sugar



Warrior cat quiz, a project made by Lots of stuff!!!!! using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animals, Game, Trivia, Quiz

Text Snippets

  • bluestar:this quiz is about thunder clan
  • firestar: it helps if you read the warriors series.
  • who was the last cat i killed before i died?
  • spottedleaf's spirit
  • whiteclaw's spirit
  • tigerclaw's spirit
  • bramblestar:click on us for a question
  • in the silent thaw who was the only cat who could see my ghost?
  • sunstar: please don't critisize my art.
  • how many lives did i have i have?
  • pine star:enjoy!
  • how did i spend my last life?
  • fighting for my clan
  • i mated with bluefur!!!!!
  • uhhhhhhh... dead?


  • background scene - Mountains 1
    background scene - Mountains 1
  • bluestar - blank
    bluestar - blank
  • firestar - blank
    firestar - blank
  • Bramblestar - blank
    Bramblestar - blank
  • sunstar - blank
    sunstar - blank
  • pinestar - blank
    pinestar - blank