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undertale! 1

by Stingy Cowboy

originally from "undertale! fixed!" by LuckySlime3D



undertale! 1, a project made by Stingy Cowboy using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Minecraft Mod


simple messaging, visibility, simple loops, simple events, detect conditions, direction and turning, advanced events, simple motion, input/output, advanced costume handling, delays, simple conditionals, advanced motion, basic math, cloning, simple variables, program control, variables, resize actor, conditional loops, layers, miscellaneous, advanced math, simple costume handling, screen bounds, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:1296
  • #Actors:53
  • #Costumes:85
  • #Scripts:385

Text Snippets

  • the cross roads.
  • hold on a sec...
  • helo, meow may i help u?
  • doo u ned me too giv u info or doo u wana shop?
  • i doo no dat ther is a powerful bos somwere. his nam is evil temmy.
  • oh! and if u se a temmie namd devil temmie, tel him hes steling my bisnis.
  • here, biy som stuf!
  • sory, not enof monee!
  • its me, evil temmie.
  • and i hav da ke!
  • evil bone temmie
  • its me, evil bone temmie.
  • ill get you next time!
  • helo, how may i help you?
  • do you need me to give you info or do you want to ssshop?
  • i dont like this place.
  • ok... beware the curssse tho...
  • beware the ssstuff i sell can be cursssed...
  • here, biy sssome...
  • get out of here!
  • your stealing temmies bisness.
  • ther. temmies gone.
  • you relly think that much money will get you anything?...
  • te he he. *sarcastic*
  • i bet you already know my name...
  • youl need 100 shields to even barley survive...
  • and with the help of all my freinds...
  • how did you b-bea-at m-m-me... *shaking*

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