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UN SDG Climate Action Action- Pradeesh Maroli

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UN SDG Climate Action Action- Pradeesh Maroli, a project made by Upset Estimate using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • UN SDG Climate Action Action- Pradeesh Maroli
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  • bottom message box
  • this is the big beautiful blue sphere that we call home
  • the only planet in the known universe that supports life.
  • we share this planet with so many species of animals and trees
  • our earth is changing rapidly
  • industrialization
  • human action is going to have a lasting impact on generations to come.
  • artificial intelligence and robotics may have a solution to reverse human action
  • ai has the potential to discover new knowledge and also to optimize systems
  • ai based smart homes can be designed that make optimum use of energy
  • ai based power grids can generate energy more efficiently
  • ai can also help us harness renewable energy optimally
  • coding artificially intelligent systems may help us achieve these climate goals
  • it is our responsibility to teach students coding skills
  • so that they may develop systems to preserve the planet.

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UN SDG Climate Action Action- Pradeesh Maroli
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