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Tynker Tips 2

by Yaamini



Tynker Tips 2, a project made by Yaamini using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Educational, How To


input/output, text handling, simple events, simple loops

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  • (originally made by: yaamini)
  • welcome to tynker tips 2! click on any of the four buttons below. read them all!
  • when you've just started coding, it's natural that you might need some help understanding things, such as what a particular code does, or how to use something. whatever you need, don't be scared to ask for help! ask your friends, parents, siblings, or anyone you think can help you. tynker provides a workshop with projects that teach you elements in coding, so this may help, too. don't forget, the mini-codey is also there! just drag a piece of code to codey and codey will tell you what that piece of code does. also, i just started a series called, "yaamini's tynker help", and i hope those videos help 😃!
  • tynker assistance
  • sometimes, you have problems with something else other than the code itself! you can still ask for help when you get stuck like this, however sometimes this doesn't help! at times like this, just go to the tynker website or forum! they are bound to help you! also, watch some of the videos that tynker posts, which might help you too. and i've published a project called, "yaamini's tynker help", and i will continue to publish more such projects. i hope they help! be sure to check them out.
  • glitches in tynker? is this possible? well... yes, but i'm not sure they're "glitches". whatever they are, here's one example of a possible "glitch" (this happened to me, by the way): you are working on a project with a lot of code. suppose you have to go somewhere. you save the project, but when you get back to it, your code has been erased! the project itself is still there, but all of your code is lost. how could this happen? well, there are two possible reasons: either you saved your project but did not sync it, or the wifi wasn't working, and something went wrong. i have no idea which, but be sure to take all precautions so this doesn't happen to you. btw, this is the only glitch i have ever experienced so far. i'll update this if i see another glitch!
  • getting more likes
  • how do you get more likes for your projects? well, here are a few ways: 1) make something funny to give your audience a laugh! if you can tickle their funny bone, you can captivate their interest and they will leave you a like for sure! 2) make something thoughtful or meaningful. for example, make a project that spreads a message, and makes your audience think. if you can make people think/feel, they'll know that you're a great coder. 3) make a project that helps! if someone needs help with something and you publish a project that helps them, they'll definitely like it! these are some ways to get more likes, but they're not the only ways! if you know any, be sure to use them, and i'll update this if i find more ways to get more likes! until then, keep tynkering!