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Tynker Squad 3/AnimationClan signup!

by Stable Clue

originally from "Tynker Squad 3/AnimationClan signup!" by Choco.Mc.Muffin (TTF)



Tynker Squad 3/AnimationClan signup!, a project made by Stable Clue using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • Tynker Squad 3/AnimationClan signup!
  • since the other tynker squads have shut down, i decided to make another- animationclan!
  • basically anyone is allowed, but there will be 'leaders', so basically the ttnker squad but some people can also be a part of it.
  • to join, just remix with your name and oc. youll be accepted automatically unless youre on the banned list, which ill put in the code
  • ill also put the autoaccepted leaders in. but ill make a project for ac news introducing any new leaders who have remixed!
  • banned: (please dont rant)
  • there will always be a sustem for banning... typically 2 strikes/warnings equal a temporary ban, 2 temo bans equal a permanent ban.
  • banning is just to prevent drama!! ill also ask if i want to make you a leader! other leaders can request someone to be a leader but i must agree!
  • auto accepted leaders:
  • ttw until she stops copying me,,
  • led thespynxcat for recoloring
  • for yall please remix if u accept
  • hi ttf, i’m phantomfox, your number 1 fan. your the reson i play tynker, ur like my tynker idol xd. i’ve made fanart twice actually, your an amazing artist. you inspire me to do all my animating! i’d love to join!

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