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TTW PLS SEE!!!, a project made by Digital Stomach using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • if u arnt ttw pls leave! ( lol nvm not like ur gonna listen i do the same stuff xd)
  • omg yes! of course we could be tf’s!!! oh and im still kittystar but my account was hacked!!! im so sorry it took so long to answer!!! ive been off tynker for a bit, i was grounded lol!! but i hope u get this! maybe we could do a collab??? btw tysm!!! i was so happy when i saw this i yelled out in the middle of class and said omg a famouse girl on tynker wants to be my freind!!! i got in trouble with the teacher.... but i didnt care! cause u r amazing!!! #worthit! sorry you gotta leave soon! i gtg soon to as everyone knows, besides all that sad depressing stuff your amazing!!! i cant belive you wanna be my freind i should be the one asking you! but yes yes a million times yes!
  • sorry if you thought i was ignoring you! i would never do that to anyone!!! i hope you realize that!!! anywho theres more fanart on the way!!! :) pls respond when u get dis!!! kittystar out!!! **mic drop**😝🎤
  • sorry if theres any typos, oof, im lazy but i got good etiquette, dont judge me had to use the voice typer to spell etiquette, xd, thats why its capatallized!!!


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    background scene - image
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    drawing - drawing

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