to silverstarstudios­čś░­čśČ or erika jane

by Fruitisfuntodraw

originally from "Death_Hacker (relationship status)" by Abstract Holiday



to silverstarstudios­čś░­čśČ or erika jane, a project made by Fruitisfuntodraw using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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Text Snippets

  • to silverstarstudios­čś░­čśČ or erika jane
  • warning! this might trigger some (nonexistent) hardcore dh fans
  • hello friends, nonfriends, people, furries!
  • this is a semi-rant
  • to make it short, death_hacker is not my friend. he used to be
  • that was before i found out how messed up!!! he was.
  • if you don't know what i mean, he reported having crushes on multiple tynker girls, one as young as 11 years old. (he says he's 14 but by the number of misspells he sounds 6)
  • his other messed up times include: trying to get people to show their face, and trying to meet me irl. (agreeing to meet someone you met online can be very dangerous. they may not be who they say they are.) he also posted his email, breaking tynker's privacy policy
  • multiple coders including but not limmited to; jilly, rtc, raven, rosalie and myself have had issues with him
  • i am one step away from reporting him to tynker.
  • needless to say, i strongly dislike him and have removed him from my fangroup.
  • if this is dh, you have a lot of nerve trying to join #oldfrens. a: you wern't invited. b: you aren't an old friend of anybody on that list.
  • i am not fan art
  • totally agree with u
  • he kinda scares me.
  • he is a little creepy like you know .......
  • i dont care if he sees this,
  • he should probly konw dis anyway


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    drawing - drawing
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    drawing2 - drawing

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