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To: Pony Girl

by Stable Clue



To: Pony Girl, a project made by Stable Clue using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



  • #Lines:11
  • #Actors:10
  • #Costumes:10
  • #Scripts:6

Text Snippets

  • this is ica. she loves iceies. her fave colore are white and light grey. she loves to play pranks.
  • for example, chameleon with an actual chameleon...
  • you’re a great artist and i can’t wait!
  • pony girl the things i circled are someelses art. im kinda dissapointed. no more copying pls. i’ll have to report this.
  • this is kari. she loves cupcakes. her fave colors are aquamaine and light blue. she loves playing sports.
  • this is rocky. he is a rock dragon. his fave colors are black and grey. he loves playing ping-pong.
  • this is aqua. she is a water dragon. her fave color is blue. she loves to swim.