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To Jilly☺️🥳🤩

by Stable Clue

originally from "J.D's News project" by Impish Pick



To Jilly☺️🥳🤩, a project made by Stable Clue using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


delays, simple loops

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  • To Jilly☺️🥳🤩
  • im going to be showing you guys a new spesies, there will be a trailer first. please stand by its not done yet, and i might have forgoten :p i have forgoten all about this xd
  • ok these are the dragum members and leaders, please note that the entrys are open!
  • mimi (member), jillynessa (leader),air_bear (leader),drew (member),methodical mushroom (member), shywoolf (meamber), raven swing (leader), stvh (leader), leticia (member), meorickson (leader), erikajane (member), rosalie(rcw) (leader), shekia (member), angel❤️ (member), eel (member), maria (leader: inactive:), matthew (member), lynxfrost (member), field_cat (leader), wolf queen (member),ttw (member), rainbow skies (member), mouse cat (member), sienna (member), utfg (member), matthew (member) moon (member), cujo/rednoodles (leader)
  • count:25 ommggggg thanks uuuuuu guyyysss
  • lol...uh hi cujo😅
  • faverite animals
  • snow fox, chickens, wolfs (of course), rabbits, dragons (i know its not real but i didnt say realist animals so 😛😏) snakes, birds, raptor (dinosuar, not the bird) , red foxs, unicorns, baskilisk (dat spelled right??), frogs!!!!!!
  • btw the list gos on and on :p #animallover
  • summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  • but its almost over, noooooooooo
  • is coming...
  • fall is coming as well
  • this is my whole family or oc and furrys and they're facts!
  • jilly:gender girl, the main oc, has always been good to friends,favorite color is mint/green, zappy is her little brother. zappy:gender boy, loves video games,his favorite color is black, he has a necklass that gives him a powers to control lighting, er—, mostly plasma. jay:gender, boy, favorite color is red, has a crush on meko (jako :3). meko: gender girl,is jilly's best friend, is a wolf, favorite color is blue. globe: gender girl, shes very shy, almost never talks to stanger, favorite color is dark blue. mr. universe: gender boy, favorite color is green, has cat pupuls, but is not a cat. ruby: gender girl, is bassed off jillynessa's old dog that passed alway a few years ago, wears a red bandana. lindsey: gender girl, is jilly's cusin, favorite color is yellow. dev: gender boy, is a milkion witch is a cat from a other galaxy called milkdudous topia, is jilly's pet. bella boo moon: gender girl, is from the moon, is a space corgie. and meadowmane: gender girl, is jilly's wolf form, favorite game, tag (she always wins)..
  • oh wait theres more .. ok here we go.. cinder: (i changed dragums name, for a upcoming project) half dragon half wolf, dosnt rlly like bows lr ribbons, favorite color is, blue. puffin:, (female) a skywing and icewing, chills: (male) a icewing that loves animals, and his friends, manta (male) a very nervous seawing, bout the only thing that doesnt scare him is butterflys.
  • dia progects, and raven swing, rosalie, maria, moon, field cat. thanks guys!!!!
  • art shoutout; moon! a cute style that reminds me of raven! a cool inceindence? maybe? maybe not? ha she said something about this. *intence look* lol 😂
  • oh cool! i love your dragon, this is puffin. my dragon oc. do u like w.o.f?
  • thanks for letting me in da dragum pack oof. and u can join da fathom squad!
  • i made fanart!!!
  • 0v0 - ttd ( two tailed dragon / fathom animations / phantomfox )
  • hi again. iv only read the main ones too, and the first comic.
  • yes, you can join dragum pack. can i join your fangroup?