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To all Lone Wolves 1 1

by Ice Wolf

remixed from "To all Lone Wolves 1" by Showy Flood

originally from "To all Lone Wolves" by {shadow} wolfie (moved)



To all Lone Wolves 1 1, a project made by Ice Wolf using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, My News, Shout-Out


input/output, delays, visibility, simple messaging, resize actor, simple conditionals, expert math, simple loops, simple events

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Text Snippets

  • To all Lone Wolves 1 1
  • so, our 10 lone wolves will sign up here. you can either be an elder, pup, apprentice(wolf in training to be a warrior), queen (female wolf expecting pups), or warrior (trained wolf for battle) (yes im taking sayings from warrior cats:)) i will pick the deputy and healer, although i do recall galaxy_star enrolling as pack healer :-)
  • our wolves are: 1. galaxy_star & crow. 2. jilly & dragum. 3. jade & sage. 4. air-bear & alaska. 5. ice wolf & icetail. 6. roshi-wolf & spirit. 7. amelia & snowdrift. 8. maria and her wolf. 9. undertalefan367 and their wolf. 10. kiwisan and her wolf. and me (ravenswing) and cleverclaw.
  • i've decided to pick deputy, but do you want to know who our deputy is?
  • okay! it was really difficult to choose, since i have 10 great candidates. however, i've decided to choose....
  • splendiferous candidate
  • okay. otherwise, go ahead and remix this project, but create a new actor and write your wolf's name in either warrior, queen, apprentice, pup, or elder. (if you're a pup you should probably have a mom ((strange thing is there isn't any male wolves here ha))) wait. if you are going to remix this, remember to go to the original owner, who is ravenswing or lemonleef. so go to search and type in "ravenswing" and click lemonleef and remix from there. so i can keep track >:3