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This is WRONG/to my daughter(Queen galaxy#272)

by Variable Lobster

remixed from "This is WRONG" by Callous Name

originally from "For PcPixel/Cryptic Waffle. Or anyone!" by Frivolous Sip



This is WRONG/to my daughter(Queen galaxy#272), a project made by Variable Lobster using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Photo, Storytelling


simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • This is WRONG/to my daughter(Queen galaxy#272)
  • electric guitar1
  • made by emo lillyz@40 and do not copy!
  • we have a quick announcement!
  • we just gotta say, we are working hard on doing something.
  • specifically, taking down hated child/ gotcha life dessup’s
  • we have been trying our best remixing their projects and fixing them and making them playable for you all.
  • everytime you try to use one of their games, it creates looping text which is impossible to exit out of.
  • so, we’re fixing that because we want you guys to see what the real game is about.
  • since hatedchild/gotcha life dessup has been doing this, i think they should be banned from tynker.
  • hatedchild/gotcha life dessup’s, if you’re watching this, you treat people horrible!
  • you truely don’t love your fans.
  • if you are not hated child/gotcha life dessup’s than you should help us!
  • help us take down gotcha life dessup’s! they don’t deserve to be on tynker!
  • that’s all for now! see you guys on our next project!
  • i’m too lazy to draw, so i’m using a preset, but whatever.
  • this is not abusing tynker or treating people horribly.
  • they simply make a mistake that they don’t know how to fix.
  • gotcha life dessup’s is fine.
  • he/she/they do not. treat their fans horribly.
  • calm down and stop hating on them.
  • if anything, you don’t deserve to be on tynker!
  • if you’re gotcha life dessup’s (probably not), i can’t believe they actually think you do this on purpose.
  • what idiot would actually do that? you’d get nothing out of it!
  • and that’s all the proof you need that gotcha life dessup’a is not using their fans.
  • they would get nothing out of it.
  • this is actually a clearly incorrect statement.
  • for anyone with more then 2 braincells, it’s clear that the looping text isn’t on purpose!

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For PcPixel/Cryptic Waffle. Or anyone!
This is WRONG/to my daughter(Queen galaxy#272)