There Is No Game! (Tynker Edition) BETA

by littleozwald



How can there be a description when there is no game?


simple messaging, basic math, simple variables, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, input/output, delays, visibility, expert physics, simple events, variables, simple sound playing, advanced costume handling, detect conditions, advanced math, simple loops, graphic effects, conditional loops, simple motion, basic physics, advanced motion, resize actor

  • #Lines:433
  • #Actors:9
  • #Costumes:11
  • #Scripts:35

Text Snippets

  • i'm sorry to inform you, but....
  • there's no game..
  • so you can leave now.
  • why haven't you left yet?
  • buttonpressedsecondtime?
  • wha- what have you done?
  • you just ruined the title!
  • put it back. put it back!
  • the developers pay so much work to this game.
  • destroy my life.
  • better call a plumber...
  • buttonpressedfirsttime?
  • oh... hooray.... a button...
  • don't press it though.... please...
  • you know, you really should be careful like those kind of things.
  • why would you do that?
  • ugh! stop it now!
  • as you like pressing buttons so much, you should enjoy this!
  • you just don't quit... don't you?
  • hmm.... what to do....
  • this should keep me safe. from you.
  • it's time for desperate measures.
  • and a little touch....
  • a few kryptonite.
  • thanks for playing the beta! if i receive 15 total hearts on any of my projects, i will finish the game!
  • game sound punch


  • background scene - Black
    background scene - Black
  • background scene - White
    background scene - White
  • actor - actor
    actor - actor
  • actor1 - actor
    actor1 - actor
  • actor2 - actor
    actor2 - actor
  • actor3 - actor
    actor3 - actor
  • actor4 - actor
    actor4 - actor
  • actor5 - actor
    actor5 - actor
  • red button on - red button on
    red button on - red button on
  • red button on - red button off
    red button on - red button off
  • actor6 - actor
    actor6 - actor
  • Drawing - Box
    Drawing - Box
  • Drawing - Cryptonite
    Drawing - Cryptonite

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There Is No Game! (Tynker Edition) BETA